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Vit-Ra-Tox Cleanse Program


Vitamins,Minerals & Detoxification

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Introduction To
The Vit-Ra-Tox
Seven Day Cleansing Program

For those who are interested in becoming Vit-ra-tox distributors and Health Counselors FIRST Try this program and See the Results For yourself!!!

Colon Cleansing

Whole Body & Cell Rejuvenation!

The Vit-Ra-Tox Seven Day Cleansing program is an integrated system of self-purification that combines the benefits of fasting, a fibrous intestinal cleanser, nutritional supplements and daily colon irrigation. It is a complete program of blood and tissue detoxification that rejuvenates each and every organ, gland, tissue and cell in the body.

This Program allows the body to put up the "Do Not Disturb" sign for seven days. All of the organs of the body get a chance to stop and rest. When we are eating, our organs are constantly working-digesting, assimilating and eliminating. But when we stop eating, all of this energy goes into a serious house cleaning. Old accumulations of toxins are eliminated from the system and flushed out of the body. This is why daily colonics or enemas during the cleanse are very important...the toxins MUST be removed from the body on a daily basis, or they are re-absorbed into the active bloodstream, which may result in a feeling of sluggishness, nausea, etc. Please read carefully the directions enclosed in the Kit for the 7-Day Cleanse. Read them a couple of times until you understand the required steps. Then you are ready to begin.

If you have done little or no fasting in your life...We recommend that you start out slowly. Do a 24-hour cleanse first. Then in a couple of weeks try a 3-day cleanse. If you feel comfortable with the 3 days, try for 5, or 7 days, or repeat the 3-day cleanse until you feel comfortable with proceeding for a longer duration.

For Seven Days you eat nothing at all. It may sound severe, but you are going on a fast with cleansing and nourishing products that help detoxify and supplement the body. Make no mistake---this is not an herb based program. These products may be used on a daily basis as well as on the Seven Day Cleansing Program. They are products of the highest quality! Great care has been taken to preserve the live enzymes in the Greenlife (also known as Springreen), Wheat Germ and Flaxseed Oil capsules and the Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets. There are no "high potency" supplements, because we believe that Nature provides the best quality combined with all its synergists. There are NO binders or fillers contained in these natural Supplements. Only Natural sweeteners such as blackstrap molasses and honey are used in our Natural Source Vitamin C.

You can be assured of supplementing with some of the best products nature has to offer and you will also be amazed at the results of this program.

Note: Consult a Naturopathic Doctoror Health Professional for diabetic, tubercular, cancer and extreme degenerative diseases, or if you have serious colon or eliminative problems. These conditions must have guidance and assistance during any fasting or cleansing program. All cases are not alike in their response to the detoxification. Results may vary considerably according to individual constitutions. Substitutions with other products may also vary the results of this program.


Bentonite Detoxificant- A purified colloidal Bentonite (clay suspended in water). The Detoxificant is very useful in adsorbing toxic substances. It is negatively charged which allows it to attract positively charged particles in the alimentary canal. In fact, it can adsorb 40 times its own weight in toxic substances. It acts like a sponge, mopping up undesirable debris. The clay is also very soothing to an irritated bowel.

Intestinal Cleanser- A fine powder of a special grade of Psyllium which contains both the seed and husk. This material holds moisture well and attaches itself to the mucous lining, making it soft and loose so it will move away from the bowel wall. This is a very important ingredient to the success of the cleanse.

Greenlife-(Also known as Springreen) A very potent biogenic plant substance (organically grown cereal grasses-barley, oats, rye and wheat) which provides rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which are quickly assimilated and help in the cleansing process by building the blood. The grasses are known to sustain life, promote health and facilitate the healing process. This is the finest supplement of its kind. (Persons with wheat allergies should not have any problem with this product since it is derived from the wheat grass state, not the grain state which contains the gluten.

Wheat Germ Oil- These capsules contain 73% Wheat Germ Oil Natural (Vitamin E source) and 27% Flaxseed Oil (unsaturated fatty acids-linoleic and linolenic-Omega 6's and 3's). Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant which stabilizes cell membranes and protects cells and tissues important for muscles, eyes, liver, skin and nerves. It also protects red blood cells from damage.* Flaxseed Oil improves health by providing our bodies with adequate amounts of valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed is one of the richest sources for the Omega-3 fatty acids and also contains twice as much of the essential nutrients as do fish oils.

Natural Source Vitamin C - The sources of this Vitamin C supplement are from the dehydrated juice of the Acerola Berry (cherry) and Wild Spanish Orange (two natural, high potency sources of Vitamin C) which also supply their natural synergistic factors. No ascorbic acid (a synthetic form of Vitamin C) is used. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is easily absorbed and nutritionally supports the body as an antioxidant and prevents other antioxidant vitamins such as A and E from being oxidized in the body.*

OPTIONAL-Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets- This is an organically grown, concentrated, whole beet juice product in tablet form. Beets are nutritionally potent. They contain iron as well as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and iodine, in addition to many vitamins and trace minerals.

Some of the above information is based upon research by Medical doctors, Naturopaths and Herbalists. This information is being supplied for educational purposes only and is no way intended to replace medical advice. For any medical problems, consult your licensed Natural Health physician.


How to Order Your Cleanse Program Kit Now!

*If you are NOT interested in distributorship, BUT are interested in the Cleanse kit Program-- Order the EXACT same kit, through the Springreen label line. Our Springreen line is designed to sell to regular retail individual Cleanse Program customers. You may also, still join our AFFILIATE PROGRAM, and earn referral commissions on those customers you refer to Galaxy Nutrients and our Springreen products. This is perfect for those who enjoy helping others with health, yet are not looking for the more career intensive VIT-TRA-TOX health counselor distributorship. (Note: There actually is NO pricing advantage to ordering from VITRATOX, unless you pay $200 for the distributor kit and abide by and sign the distribution agreement, first.-Hence, UNLESS you are truly considering the Vit-tra-tox health counselor career-the Springreen line, available in our Galaxy Nutrients Product Showroom offers more advantages to you)

Click here now
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and/or Springreen Products.

*VIT-RA-TOX is STRICTLY for those considering a health counselor distributorship. This line includes special training support for interested health counselors-however, we do NOT provide support for retail individual cleanse program customers. If you are interested in the Vit-tra-tox distributorship and becoming a health counselor order your cleanse kit here now. Once you have signed your distributorship agreement, referred 5 customers, completed your own Vit-tra-tox cleanse and purchased your $200 Distributorship kit and materials---Then you will be eligible for special distributor pricing and as you are building your Vit-tra-tox distributorship/health counseling business , you will then be ordering directly from the Vit-Ra-Tox warehouse-which will track your orders and pay your monthly commissions.

For those considering the Vitratox Health Counselor Distributorship we have a special $5 introductory information pack, including Vitratox color catalog brocure and other important information created for you to help you make a informed decision, before, outlaying the $200 distributorship sign up fee and signing the distributorship agreement. Simply mail check, money order or cashiers check to : Galaxy Nutrients, P.O. Box 1208, Clearwater, Florida 33757-1208  OR add this order to your on-line shopping cart below.

Special Vitratox Distributorship Introduction Information Pack

$5.00 V1000 Vitratox Distributor Introduction Info Pack


$145.14 V1001 Vitratox Cleansing Kit

Includes 1 bottle each of the 5 Cleanse kit products described above and a FREE sample bottle of the Vitratox herb laxative tablets. Complete program instructions included with each kit

Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets-(as described above)

$33.05 V3006 Vitratox Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets

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