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Two People Survived 1 1/2 Years
on Nothing but Springreen tablets and Water!

The Program, "Good Morning America", recently had five couples, the oldest being 30 years of age and the youngest 20. They had one thing in common: All five couples wanted children more than anything else in the world. What was actually wrong? You cannot produce life with dead material. They were using all kinds of vitamins and hormones and what they thought were the proper foods. The important thing is that they did not realize that the majority of the food they were eating was dead. Life cannot be produced with dead material.

Springreen is the only ones in the world today who insists on keeping the life in the product. Every step, from the planting of the green grass to its cutting and processing, is done with one thing in mind: To keep the life in the food. So when you take it in your home you have a product on which any mammal animal can live without any outside help except a little roughage and water.

"Two individuals have done so. One lived a year and a half without any food other than Springreen tablets and water because he was in Vietnam and did not want to be poisoned by their local food and drink. The other was a doctor who went a year and a half on nothing but Springreen grass tablets and water.

So you as an individual must make up your own mind to choose what you think your body needs. We insist on living on a chemical free soil with everything the Creator gave us to produce health and we don't think anything is needed in our program except what is contained in the 7-Day Cleansing Program. We have people living without chemicals or man-made vitamins who can get along without any other food except Springreen."

Yours for better health,
Victor Earl Irons



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