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Vit-Ra-Tox Cleanse Program

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Who and What is Vit-Ra-Tox?
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50+ Years ago, Victor Earl Irons, founded Springreen Products line and VIT-RA-TOX products line. Both lines contain the identical products_only the labels differ in name, for the purpose of serving 2 unique market needs requested.

Springreen is sold ONLY through Health Professionals who may sell them to their retail patient public.

Dr. Betsy F. Meshbesher, President of Galaxy Nutrients, markets Springreen wholesale directly to Health Professional accounts AND through this Galaxy site to retail customers, until the time when they are able to access a local Health Professional in their town or city carrying the Springreen Products. (Local access saves on shipping costs for the public).

Galaxy Nutrients, the Cyberspace Division of Biotrophic Nutrients Corporation, based in Clearwater, Florida, distributes Fine Quality Whole Food Concentrates, to the worldwide retail market.

The majority of our product line is of our own label-either Galaxy Label or Biotrophic Label. In addition, because of their unique high quality standard, we also market the products by VE Irons, including both their Springreen and VIT-RA-TOX Line

Biotrophic Nutrients Corporation, is a special contracted distributor of VIT-RA-TOX Products, which gives us the rights to sponsor you for distributorship of VIT-RA-TOX, should you desire. This is a Uniquely Wonderful Opportunity, but it is NOT for everyone.
Victor Earl Irons designed his marketing Distributorships 50+ years ago, to align with his true intention of delivering the finest quality (deleted these words here), allowing for proper delivery of his Original Cleanse Programs. Numerous companies "tout" their products are the finest, of course. We encourage you to educate yourself sufficiently. Go behind and beyond the surface marketing tactics of today and explore the nutritional products and information to gain the understandings that satisfy and give you a depth of confidence in the products you choose for yourself and loved ones. We consider it our personal responsibility to provide you and the world at large with the best information possible-as the world health scene today is in need! Product qualities today vary significantly. There is a Difference!

Historical Background_Dr. Betsy F. Meshbesher Dr. Betsy F. Meshbesher, first became a VIT-RA-TOX distributor, 23 years ago, when she was 17 years of age, completing her senior year of high school, in Minnesota. Such abundant health, energy and clarity, did she gain from the VIT-RA-TOX 7 Day Cleanse Program and Products, that her own natural energy levels began to surpass what they had ever previously been. This became a MAJOR impact on her life and she NEVER FORGOT the ROAD OF REAL SUSTAINED RELIABLE HEALTH & VITALITY, as taught by V.E. Irons, founder of VIT-RA-TOX. At an this early age, she was fortunate to have met with "the Real Thing"

The next 18 Years, she completed her undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota, obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic, from Northwestern College of Chiropractic, served 1 year internship and practiced Chiropractic in her private clinic in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Through this time period, she was exposed to HUNDREDS of Nutrient Products, Product Lines and Nutritional Approaches. She continuously tried them. But the hype in the marketplace even fooled her for a while. After thousands and thousands of dollars spent, in hopes of expanding her health, she was left with NOTHING that EVER COMPARED OR EVEN CAME CLOSE, to the BASICS as taught, produced and sold by V.E. Irons, VIT-RA-TOX products. Thank goodness at least one-man had managed and dared to maintain the NUTRITION TRUTHS!

From this point on, Dr. Betsy F. Meshbesher committed her life's work, to include, ensuring that others would not be needlessly, painfully fooled, by helping them source back to the BASIC NUTRITION TRUTHS and the finest in quality.

In her own words:

"The above story is 100% TRUE. V.E. Irons products, founded in 1936, produced on their organic farm, was this country's first TRUE natural nutrition company that broadly distributed directly to the public.

In fact, if you research many of todays products, "GREENS" powders and tablets, Bentonite and Psyllium Cleanse programs, etc...most of them, if not all, will at some point source back to their conceptual origin---their true source V.E. Irons.

I would boldly speak this from a mountain top and face the entire world, if I could. I know of no products (remove the words in this paranthesisin similar categories of substances-) that compare quality wise---these are the finest. They stand alone. And though the profits would be FAR greater for me "bottle for bottle" profit-wise, I will not compromise my health, my family's health nor yours by representing an inferior "substitute". Its doubtful that one farm can feed and entire world, but for as long and far as V.E. Irons makes these products available, they will form the BASICS of my nutritional promotion. These truly form the foundation for one's ideal physical nourishment. With greatest of pride I will make them available to you, my Galaxy friend! Even the famous Dr. Royal Lee of Standard Process Vitamins, stated in 1951 that if Victor Earl Irons would undertake the exclusive sales of GreenLife (as he was then and still now producing it), regardless of how long Victor lived, there would never be on the market anything that would compare to it. Royal Lee told Victor that, he would have the best product for health but that he might have plenty of competition..

Consider your interests carefully. Consider your life's options. Perhaps you would like an additional part-time or full-time avenue of work to help spread great health. For some of you a distributorship status, may be inappropriate, and in this case, customer status serves
well for you and your family. VIT-RA-TOX distributorship is not for everyone. Read on, consider and Decide what suits your needs and interests best. I will be here to help you with your own personal health goals as well as in your distributorship educational/training needs, should you be so inclined."

Live On! Enjoy!

Dr. Betsy F. Meshbesher

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Introducing: V.E. Irons Inc.
Goals and Philosphies Directly expressed

"VIT-RA-TOX" is a name given to a line of superior products internationally distributed by V.E. Irons, Inc., Kansas City,Missouri.

Its founder, V. Earl Irons, was a 1919 Yale Graduate and nationally renowned nutritionist and health freedom fighter. He was in fact, one of the original four Founding Fathers of the National Health Federation (NHF). For twelve years before going into the health food business in 1946, Mr. Irons' hobby was lecturing to Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Optimist Clubs, Lodges, Church organizations and PTA groups on the subject of nutrition and physical degeneration. However, he felt that too little was being accomplished as his listeners had no way to follow through on the knowledge gained. To be effective, he decided to produce and distribute products that could help people nutritionally. His company has since distributed health products for over 50 years.


V. Earl Irons, Sr.

"There is only one disease and one cause of that disease. To illuminate, I believe that the bloodstream, if given proper food, will correct all disease. The only disease I recognize is Autointoxication. I believe that we poison ourselves and that all disease results from this. "

Victor Earl Irons, who passed away at the age of 98 years on March 9, 1993, had a revolutionary approach to health developed while curing himself of "incurable" arthritis at the age of 40.

He traveled the country lecturing and teaching the basic principles of health which he had discovered. Many thousands have been helped tremendously by following his advice and principles. His ideals and teachings are carried on by his family and the many, many devoted followers all around the country and the world who have experienced his cleansing and rejuvenation program.

His theories and convictions on health, as juxtaposed to traditional medicine, are best conveyed in a letter to one of his distributors written when he was 90 years old. We quote:

"...I turned 90 years old on January 23 and have excellent health. My theory of health is entirely different from that of any doctor. I believe there is only one supreme power in the world. There is only one disease and one cause of that disease. To illuminate, I believe that the bloodstream, if given proper food, will correct all disease. The only disease I recognize is Autointoxication. I believe that we poison ourselves and that all disease results from this. That being so, there is only one cure for all diseases: Cleanse the body, starting with the colon then the bloodstream, and rid it of all toxins, giving it a chance to correct its own diseases. This it will do if all toxins are removed and perfect material is put back in the bloodstream. The only exception I know to this is Muscular Dystrophy, caused by a severe lack of vitamin E in the mother during the very early stages of conception.

I graduated from Yale in 1919 but have never boasted about this in my literature or lectures because I did not learn what I know about nutrition at Yale. Nor is it taught in any of the other colleges. I believe all disease starts in the colon, and I am not alone in this theory. About 10 years ago in London, 57 medical doctors of the Royal Academy in England had a meeting, after which they issued a leaflet called "Death Begins in the Colon." At that point they took exception with everything taught by the medical community in this country. Here, they theorize that there is a specific cure for each disease, which to my way of thinking is idiocy. The letter issued by the Royal Academy verified what I have been teaching since 1935. ... One Power, One Disease, One Cure for that One Disease. This covers the entire spectrum of disease.

This theory, of course, is heresy from the standpoint of the chemical industry, the seven big drug houses, and the AMA and FDA of the U. S. Government. These groups have the power to control what is said about disease because they own and control the four TV networks to enforce their false theories. Way back in the early 20's they hired a man from Harvard Medical School to write a new textbook for colleges that teach young doctors. In that book they list all recognizable diseases and for each one they recommend Pfizer 342 or Upjohn 366 etc., etc., continuing with all the numbers of each of the seven drug houses. It must be remembered that all seven drug houses are owned by the same groups that own the chemical industry and control the AMA. They also use the FDA of the U.S. Government to get the job done. As a result, the public never finds out the truth about any subject involving high finance, international relations or health matters. We the public must be kept dumb, or at least limited, to what they want us to hear.

After completing diagnoses for all the known diseases in all the organs of the body they come to the colon and say, "As far as the colon is concerned, the body does not absorb any poisons from the colon, therefore, we need not pay any attention to it. " For 60 years they have neglected everything about it and today most doctors know nothing about the colon and try to pay no attention to it. You can see the wide variation between medics here end the medical industry in England. The one says pay no attention to the colon end the other says all disease starts in the colon. In their sheet entitled "Death Begins in the Colon," they state unequivocally that there are 36 poisons which they enumerate. They further state: "Therefore, it is impossible to come to any conclusion other than practically all diseases start in the colon. "

In your comparisons between this doctor and me, please bear in mind that our trainings have been widely separated. He should not be expected to agree with everything I say and vice versa. While the doctor you mentioned is not a Medic, he has studied medicine and inclines to believe in the theory of specific cures for specific diseases. I, on the other hand, don't believe that the body needs any chemical whatsoever nor any vitamin or mineral concocted by man. I believe, and have proven, that it is not necessary to use any drug on Earth.

When I first got interested in health in 1935 I was 40 years of age. I had one ideal in mind: to prove that we do not need medical professionals or any of their concoctions. At 71, I married a young woman who was 27, with 44 years difference in our ages. Everyone said it couldn't be done, it would never last and so forth. But it has lasted and we have a family of three children. Our 16 year old daughter was born when I was 73 and we have a daughter 14 and a son 9, born when I was 80. From a former marriage I have a son 66 years of age and great grandchildren, some of whom are older than my own children. When we got our own house we made up our minds we would not permit in our home any medicines or drugs of any kind, even the most simple. There is no danger of our children getting poisoned as we allow them no white flour or white sugar or anything made from them and very little dead foods. As a result, we have never had or needed a doctor, except when our eldest cut her lip badly end needed it stitched. We have our own products for burns, wounds and any kind of internal tumors, so we have had no need for a doctor. I see no reason why we can't live the rest of our lives this way. But naturally with such simple, real living, we can't expect doctors to follow our methods.

This writer has had this theory since 1935 end we've had the exact same cleansing program since 1948. Anyone who goes on the program will find all they need in the 7-Day Cleansing Program brochure and the booklet, "The Destruction of Your Own Natural Protective Mechanism. " If you wish to follow our theory of life, you can regain the health you had in your youth. Let others do what they wish. After 40 years of making a success of this profession, I cannot criticize others of a more "medical" orientation for wanting to use Pancreatin or Niacin or various other things that they have used all their lives. Niacin is a man-made vitamin and it is dead so I don't use it. Vitamins and herbs are dead if man has interfered with them in any way, shape or form to change, heat, pasteurize or concentrate them for high potency.

Bear in mind that we are not doctors nor trained as such. If we were, we wouldn't know very much about food. But we don't take our hats off to anyone today because all of them believe in high potency and will either use dead food or dead vitamins or minerals. They do not recognize the necessity for life. Our GREENLIFE is the only product in the world that: 1) Has everything any mammal animal needs, 2) Is non-toxic in any quantity to the mammal animal, which we are, and 3) Comes into your home with life still in it so we get results when no one else can though they may use herbs. No herb or product that is not one of the grasses can boast that it comes into your home alive.

Dr. Lee of the Nutrition Foundation for Nutritional Research from Milwaukee, Wisconsin stated in 1951 that if I would undertake the exclusive sales of GREENLIFE, regardless of how long I lived, there would never be on the market anything that would compare to it. He said we would have the best product for health but that I might have plenty of competition. I undertook its sale and production and insisted that everything, including the soil, was alive. To produce healthy products, the soil must contain plenty of bacterial life and plenty of humus for the bacteria to eat and live on.

Today, we are the most unhealthy of the 93 civilized nations. We have the most doctors, the most knowledge of disease, the most diagnostic equipment, and the most know-how to treat disease. But our people know nothing about health, nor do the doctors, who die of the same diseases as their patients. After my lectures, people always call me "Doctor" and I immediately reply, "For heaven's sake, don't call me doctor! If I were, I wouldn't know anything about health. Doctors only know about disease." One of the main reasons for this is because the whole scientific world today pays attention only to analysis, not to life. Every vitamin preparation is dead. It may contain all the vitamins and minerals in the world and still be dead.

The program, "Good Morning America", recently had five couples, the oldest being 30 years of age and the youngest 20. They had one thing in common: All five couples wanted children more than anything else in the world. What was actually wrong? You cannot produce life with dead material. They were using all kinds of vitamins and hormones and what they thought were the proper foods. The important thing is that they did not realize that the majority of the food they were eating was dead. Life cannot be produced with dead material.

We are the only ones in the world today who insist on keeping the life in the product. Every step, from the planting of the green grass to its cutting and processing, is done with one thing in mind: To keep the life in the food. So when you take it in your home you have a product on which any mammal animal can live without any outside help except a little roughage and water.

Two individuals have done so. One lived a year and a half without any food other than Greenlife, and water because he was in Vietnam and did not want to be poisoned by their local food and drink. The other was a doctor who might have been going today if he hadn't been killed by a truck. He went a year and a half on nothing bproducts/03PubSRP.html>

So you as an individual must make up your own mind to choose what you think your body needs. We insist on living on a chemical free soil with everything the Creator gave us to produce health and we don't think anything is needed in our program except what is contained in the 7-Day Cleansing Program. We have people living without chemicals or man-made vitamins who can get along without any other food except Greenlife. "

Yours for better health,
V. Earl Irons

 Three virtually unique features Of Vit-Ra-Tox Products:

1. They are natural products.We furnish them to the public in as near a natural state as is possible without refining, heating, pasteurizing, stabilizing or chemically treating them or materially altering their natural nutritive factors or destroying their enzymes, all of which form the measuring stick for "LIFE" in foods. Our objective is to provide the consumer with a product in a biologically-active state as alike as possible to the original raw substance designed by Nature.

2. One of our major products, Greenlife, is grown in organically and biologically treated soil on which absolutely no chemical fertilizers are used. Both the soil and the product are free from poisons and insecticides because none are needed or used. No insecticides or chemical fertilizers have ever been used on our farm.

3. Our food products are just that, concentrated foods. They are not reinforced by man-made vitamins whether crystalline (reduced from natural products by refinement to a crystal state) or synthetic (made up from known chemicals in an attempt to duplicate Nature). To aid in preventing oxidation of the natural Vitamin C in our young green grass while in the liquid juice state and while the powder is later being worked into tablets, we do use 5% Vitamin C derived from fermented corn. Most of this Vitamin C is oxidized in the process and helps to save the Natural Vitamin C in the grass.

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Our all-embracing policy is and will continue to be: THE BEST POSSIBLE VALUE TO THE CONSUMER AND A GOOD PROFIT TO EVERYONE CONCERNED. As we gain nutritional knowledge, VIT-RA-TOX products incorporate it. Obviously, the value ultimately received by the consumer determines the long-range success of a sales organization aproducts/03PubSRP.html

Our goal is:

    1. To give our Distributors and, through them, their friends, relatives and customers the facts about what should be a matter of major national concern, THE HEALTH OF OUR PEOPLE.

    2. To demonstrate that all too many of us have a real need for dietary supplementation to offset deficiencies in diet caused by things like large-scale mass production and the urbanized, mechanized mode of life often imposed by present-day civilization and its subsequent effects on our foods.

    3. To educate our Distributors and their customers as to how they can often improve their health, happiness, and quality of life through better nutrition.

    4. To offer a means of making the above programs self-supporting through a unique distribution system whereby those who sincerely wish to help their fellow man can do so even in their spare time while simultaneously increasing their income.

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Ambition to get ahead is the basis of our private enterprise system. Normal, healthy Self-Interest furnishes the incentive for ambition. But there are two distinct types of Self-Interest, which we call Short-Term Self-Interest and Long-Term Self-Interest. Your ultimate success will depend on which type you develop.

Self-interest, as understood by most people, is Short-Term. It is the type of selfishness displayed by "Get-Rich-Quick" artists. It is the type used by those with the old maxim "get it honestly if you can, but get it." It is the type used in too many businesses where the slogan is "let the purchaser beware" or "the sale is what counts." The salesman with Short-Term Self-Interest may make more money than the Long-Term type for a while. He may forge ahead to what looks like "Big Success." Many companies build their business on this type of Self-Interest. We at VIT-RA-TOX frown on this type of incentive and abhor Short-Term Self-Interest, most especially when dealing with another's health.

Then there is Long-Term Self-Interest, which most people would call unselfishness. In reality, unselfish adherence to an idea or principle is best exemplified by Christ's principle that "he who would find himself must first lose himself."

He who forgets himself in service to others is, in reality, unselfish and actually is following thrproducts/03PubSRP.htmlific natural law which will bring him far greater ultimate success. The individual who practices Long-Term Self-Interest is dealing in fundamental human traits that attract, while the Short Term type eventually repels.

In a 60-page booklet bproducts/03PubSRP.html, "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe," we read the story of Dr. Walter Russell, one of the true greats whose life spanned the closing of the 19th and better than the first half of the 20th Century. Early in life, Dr. Russell learned the greatest principle of life, namely, how to tap the Power of God and utilize it in his daily life.

On this principle of "service" in a completely unselfish manner, we are proud to quote Glenn Clark regarding Dr. Russell's youth:

"One summer he (Dr. Walter Russell) took a job as a bellboy in one of the hotels. The salary was only $8.00 a month, but he was told that the tips that bellboys received amounted to $100.00 in a season. When the first tip was offered him, however, something deep down within him would not let him take it. He went down to his retreat in the cellar and tried to probe why that inner voice had spoken to him thus. Then suddenly he had a great vision.

'I'll be the only bellboy in existence who never took a tip!' he exclaimed. 'And I'll be the best bellboy the world ever knew. I'll pledge myself to give the most joyful and cheerful service that ever a bellboy gave!'

From that moment, he responded to every request with the alacrity of a steel trap. He ran his legs off for everybody. He got up at five o'clock every morning to procure cow's milk for a baby who needed special care and then went back to bed again. When asked why he did not take tips, he replied, 'I receive a salary and I love my work.' The guests were simply overwhelmed by it. They invited him to dinner parties and yachting trips and, when the management explained that it was against rules for servants to have social relations with guests, those people of influence said they would never go back again to that hotel if they didn't break a rule for him.

So, he had a wonderful summer.

During his spare time, he did sketching and painting. The guests became deeply interested in his work and at the end of the season, instead of $100.00 from tips, he had received checks amounting to $850. 00 for his pictures and five offers of legal adoption in wealthy families, in one of which there were already three badly spoiled boys. The people to whom he brought ice water became his life-long friends and from them and friends of theirs, he received many commissions for paintings after he became famous in that field. And he went to the wedding of the baby to whom he brought the milk.

'I have absolute faith,' he asserts over and over again, 'that anything can come to one who trusts to the unlimited help of the Universal Intelligence that is within so long as one works within the law and always gives more to others than they expect, and does it carefully and courteously.'"

(Every VIT-RA-TOX Distributor should send $5.00 plus $3.00 (shipping) for a copy of this booklet to University of Science and Philosophy, P. O. Box 520, Waynesboro, VA 22980, (540) 942-5161.)

No better lesson could be given as to the virtues and advantages of Long-Term over Short-Term Self-Interest.

Become a devotee to this great principle that "you must lose yourself in order to find yourself." Become enthusiastic about rendering free service.

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A false premise, continually repeated by certain persons in the U. S. Food and Drug Administration and by nutritionally uninformed doctors, is that the "average American diet" provides everything needed for our nutrition and health. In and of itself this is a ridiculous statement, since there is no such thing as an "average American diet" any more than there is an "average American income". Diets can only be adapted to the individual, not considered on a mass basis.

We now know that at least sixty nutritional factors are absolutely necessary in human nutrition for health and even life itself. These include vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, among others. Unless we receive all of these nutrients on a daily basis, in proper balance, we can ultimately suffer serious ill health and even death.

As every national diet survey has shown, including those conducted by the U. S. Government, millions of Americans lack various essential nutrients which they need for health and a good life.

Why do we have these shortages? To answer, one must only look at the billions of dollars paid annually for "empty calorie" and "junk" foods. For example, the major "fast food" companies (e.g., Burger King, McDonalds, etc. ) reap more than 61 billion dollars in annual revenues. In 1970 the average consumption of tap water was about 68 gallons per year per capita; and the consumption of soft drinks was 24.3 gallons. By 1989, water consumption decreased to 37 gallons per capita while the consumption of soft drinks rose to 42.2 gallons. Alcoholic beverage consumption was at 39.1 gallons per capita. The American public is currently consuming more soft drinks and alcohol than water!

The per capita consumption of refined sugar was 101.8 pounds per year in 1970. Corn sweetener was at 19.6 pounds. By 1989, the use of refined sugar decreased to 64.2 pounds, while the consumption of corn sweetener increased to 8 l.5 pounds. Americans are now using more caloric sweeteners (refined sugar, corn and low-calorie sweeteners) than ever! White flour consumption is enormous as well.

Fast foods, alcoholic beverages, white sugar, white flour and soft drinks all have one thing in common: they do not supply the essential nutrition we need for health. Thus, all too many Americans rely instead upon the temporary and "system-whipping" result obtained from drugs. The major American drug firms (e.g., Merck, Pharmacia, Squibb) had revenues of almost 1,000 billion (1 trillion) dollars in 1995. Many of the drugs they purvey to the public are nutritionally antagonistic, thus capable of depleting one already malnourished to an increased health deficit.

It seems to many that we can hardly build hospitals, sanitariums, and rest homes fast enough to accommodate our millions of sick citizens.

Are there nutritional remedies for our National diet problems?

Purely and simply, if one consumes an every-day diet short or deficient in essential nutrients, only by dietary supplementation with the missing or short nutrients can the situation best be remedied.

Over its 50 years of service to the American public, V.E. Irons, Inc. has satisfied and gratified hundreds of thousands of persons who have sought a better quality of life and health through dietary supplementation.

We do not believe that a VIT-RA-TOX distributor could enter any field of endeavor where his services could be of more importance to himself, his family and his country than that of assistance in the promotion of better national and individual health through improved nutrition. For those who say "but

the problem is a matter for the medical profession and not for the layman" our answer can best be summarized by the works of Dr. Jonathan Forman, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.A., President of Friends of the Land and for 25 years editor of the Ohio State Medical Journal:

"The basic training and creed of the medical profession is based upon the healing and caring for the sick. It is not within their province, nor is it their responsibility to keep people from getting sick. That is their own individual responsibility. The medical profession, therefore, works on effects rather than cause."

And, unfortunately even today our medical schools do not offer formal training in nutrition for future doctors.

We and our VIT-RA-TOX distributors do not try to enter the medical field, nor do we conflict with doctors in any way; rather, we attempt to complement them in preventative medicine.

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For authentic comment on this most important subject of health, we quote from NUTRITION by Charles Noyes Kinney, Professor Emeritus of Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, pages 46- 49. Professor Kinney stated that his writings refer to both animals and humans:

"What is HEALTH? Health is the direct opposite of disease. Health is normal, natural cell and body processes, normal cell activity. The building up of new cells must at least balance the tearing down processes. The proper equilibrium must be maintained between these chemical life forces. It has been stated thus: 'Good health is an ideal state of bodily chemical balance.'

"An ideal chemical balance can only be realized when all the needed chemical elements are present and in the proper condition and proportion. What results if the reverse conditions are present? Certainly not health! If health is not maintained, weakened cell life results and this opens the door for serious ill-health to enter.

"When the fences are down the cows will get in the corn. In order, therefore, to raise stock in a state of health... care must always be observed in maintaining a proper food supply." (Emphasis added.)

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Again we quote from Professor Kinney' s NUTRITION, pages 1-9:

"A food is a substance or material which, when taken into the system, furnishes required elements which enter into and become a part of cell structure, or which aids in building up and maintaining cell life and activity. It must also provide elements required to carry out the by-products of cell building and waste products, (for enzymatic action) and all the many vital life processes involved."

"A drug or medicine may stimulate or modify cell activity, but it furnishes no material for maintenance. The crack of a whip or the electric current may stimulate, but they furnish nothing to maintain or continue the action. Medicine, therefore, may modify some action, but it supplies no material to sustain it." (Emphasis added.)

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Nutrition is our field. We do not diagnose or prescribe that being the function of doctors. However, the relationship of nutrition to ill health has been a subject of much scientific study and comment. Some so-called authorities stoutly continue to maintain, however, that only the classic "deficiency diseases" such as beriberi, goiter, rickets, ariboflavinosis and night blindness (presently rare in the United States) are related to nutrition. For example, the Food and Drug Administration has stated it is a "myth: that many diseases may be due to diet deficiencies or that disease is caused by chemical imbalance in the body," although FDA presently has somewhat modified these extreme views.

The U. S. Public Health Service has stated in its publication The Principles of Good Nutrition:

"Good nutrition is necessary for good health. Food helps us grow, gives us energy, helps regulate our body processes and repairs worn-out tissues. The importance of food becomes all the more impressive when we realize that the average high school student eats over a half-ton of food each year. Unless this food provides all the essential elements needed by the body, illness or poor health results. If the lack of essential food elements is severe, deficiency and diseases such as scurvy, rickets, beriberi, goiter, pellagra or certain anemias will develop. Fortunately, these diseases are not as common in the United States as they were years ago.

"However, many people still consume diets which are poor in essential food elements. Such diets may not be poor enough to produce one of the ' deficiency diseases ' listed above, but poor or 'borderline ' diets are likely to result in retarded growth and development, bad teeth, increased susceptibility to illness and a constant sense of fatigue."

Dr. Charles H. Mayo, M.D., famed physician, surgeon and founder of the Mayo Clinic wrote:

"We are all afraid of germs because we are all ignorant of them. Germs are outside. What we should be afraid of is lowered resistance which comes from within. The folly of our topsy-turvy notion leads to much preventable confusion and despair. Instead of developing a proper respect for our own extraordinary powers, conferred upon us by Mother Nature, we endow germs with unnatural powers which they should not possess. Here let me repeat one solemn truth which should be repeated over and over each day until everybody comprehends its meaning and acts upon it. Normal resistance to disease is directly dependent upon ADEQUATE FOOD. Normal resistance to disease never comes out of pill boxes. ADEQUATE FOOD is the cradle of normal resistance, the playground of normal immunity, the workshop of good health and the laboratory of long life." (Emphasis added.)

Modern developments increasingly confirm Dr. Mayo' s observations.

Dr. Robert McCarrison, M.D., D.Sc., LL.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London and Lt. Col. in the Indian Medical Service, was a pioneer modern nutritionist. He has been called by many "the Father of Modern Nutrition." He stated in Faulty Food And Its Relation To Gastrointestinal Disorders:

"For some nine years of my professional life, my duties lay in a remote part of the Himalayas where there are located several isolated races far removed from refinements of civilization."

Dr. McCarrison then related what to him was the remarkable health of these people, and he further noted:

"Indeed, their buoyant abdominal health has, since my return to the West, provided a remarkable contrast with the dyspeptic or colonic lamentations of our highly civilized communities. The people live on the unsophisticated foods of Nature, milk, eggs, grains, fruit and vegetables. I don't suppose that one in every thousand of them has ever seen a tinned salmon, a chocolate or a patent infant food, nor as much sugar as is imported into their country in a year as is used in a moderately sized hotel of this city in a single day.

"The object of my studies has been two-fold: first, to find out how the body goes sick in consequence of deficient and ill-balanced food; and second, to deduce therefrom what forms of sickness in the human subject may reasonably be attributed to, or connected in their origin with, such food.

"I do not doubt that, if the practice I now follow of estimating the vitamin value and qualitative balance of the food in every case that comes before me is followed by others, they will be impressed as I am with the vast importance of the food factors in the causation of disease."

He further stated:

"Vitamins are absent, or comparatively deficient, in the refined foods of the modern food industry. Vitamins are obtained from the vegetable kingdom. Man and animals derive them directly from the plants they eat. They will be found to exist - and this is the important point - in the foods made in Nature's laboratory, in quantities and in combinations adequate for the due digestion and assimilation of the natural foodstuffs with which they are associated in Nature. Like other essential constituents of the food, they (vitamins) are not to be regarded as independent of the assistance derivable from their associates in the maintenance of nutritional harmony. Each vitamin is but a member of a team, and the team itself but a part of a coordinated whole."

As early as 1943 a Symposium prepared under the auspices of the Council On Foods And Nutrition of the American Medical Association stated:

"Treatment for a deficiency involves administration orally, or if need be a parenterally, of large enough doses of the vitamin to be of therapeutic trial.

However, since the diagnosis is necessarily presumptive in many instances, exclusive dependence on specific therapy is justified only infrequently, and basic to good treatment in all cases is a diet planned to be adequate nutritionally and assurance that the diet is eaten. The diet is important for the education of the patient and as a means of dispensing factors heretofore not isolated, which will be contained in the foods of such a diet. Likewise helpful in treatment, because of its content of factors not as yet identified, is some good source of the Vitamin B complex as a whole. Products such as brewers' yeast or an extract of such yeast, wheat germ, extracts of cereal grasses or of rice bran, crude extract of liver represent such sources..." (Emphasis added.)

Some so-called authorities might disagree with the opinions reported above. In any event, such opinions are cited only to report matters of interest in this field. Under no circumstances shall reporting of such opinions be construed as a claim or representation that our products constitute a cure, palliative or amelioration for any specific disease or ailment.

Such products are offered for nutritional purposes only.

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Our field is entirely Nutritional. Our aim, therefore, is to furnish nutritional material for your cell structure and maintenance. Our goal is to teach the only true science having to do with health and that is the one based on Natural Law. Our main product, Greenery, is a live, natural food.

Our concept of physical health is optimistic, not fatalistic. We cannot accept the idea that we are pawns in a game of chance, subject always to the whims of fate in the form of some lurking germ, bacteria or virus which may unexpectedly pounce upon us.

Early philosophy ascribed ill health to air, water, weather, evil spirits, the moon, stars, angry or unkind gods, and even witchcraft; but always the cause was deemed something outside the body.

We see that, while "germs" may sometimes be the immediate cause of some conditions, many scientific men now go back one step further to see just what sets the stage to attract the invading germs in the first place, the logical premise being that germs do not readily seriously attack a healthy body.

In any event, no one could contest that the body can become weakened by lack of proper and adequate nutrition. This weakened condition can create a favorable situation for ill- health. Proper nutrition is therefore of most vital importance in the maintenance of good health and it is something that everyone can do something about.

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What should we learn about nutrition to comply with Nature's immutable laws? We can learn to eat "Live Foods".

The famous nutritional pioneer, Dr. E.V. McCullom, of Johns Hopkins University, stated it clearly many years ago when he said, "Eat nothing unless it will spoil or rot, but eat it before it does."

We restate it thus: "Eat anything the Creator has made for you to eat and that is mentioned in the Bible as food for man; but don't eat it if man has tampered with it to destroy the 'Life' in it so it will not spoil."

Don't become a "faddist". Don't refuse to eat meat. Don't refuse to eat this or that or become a "nut" on any given theory. Simply use your innate intelligence which should tell you that you should not violate Nature ' s Laws.

How are you to judge what is a "Live" food? If it will perish, it is "alive". This means, if it will spoil, ferment, turn rancid, sour, mold, wilt, attract bugs or weevils or develop a bad order, then it has "Life" in it and is food desirable for human consumption while in its fresh state. But if it can be placed on the shelf for an indefinite period without change or spoiling, try to avoid it because it is already dead.

The exceptions to this rule are, of course, those products which have been dried, dehydrated or have a natural protective cover, such as dried raisins or apricots and naturally occurring dried peas, beans and whole grains. These foods still have the residual "Life" in them for, upon adding moisture, they become biologically active and will then be subject to "spoiling".

Following these simple procedures doesn't make you a "quack", "faddist" or "nut".

Buy live perishable foods only and within a few months you will be amazed, as have many others, at your physical improvement and better mental outlook on life.

EXAMPLES of good "Live" foods are:

Fresh fruits, frozen fruits(not sweetened with glucose), fresh or frozen vegetables, fresh or quick frozen fish or meats, dairy products (especially those not pasteurized), eggs, bread and cereals made of whole, unbleached flours or grains (without chemical additives), honey, raw sugar, maple syrup, some types of dark molasses, dried beans, dried peas, dried fruits (unsulphured), canned tomatoes, peas, beans, fish, some frozen orange juice, raw butter (not margarine), olive oil, soy bean oil, and peanut oil.

SPECIFIC foods that should be AVOIDED are:

Anything containing white sugar or glucose (corn syrup), any "bleached" flour products, anything with added chemical drug emulsifiers to render it soft and spongy so as to "appear" fresh, artificial flavorings, color and preservatives (this eliminates many crackers, cereals, breads, pastries, prepared mixes, etc. ), all soft drinks that are sweetened (artificially or otherwise), ice cream (if sweetened with glucose), all candies (unless you are sure that they are made with honey, dark molasses or maple syrup) and any food that contains chemical additives.

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To sum it all up, if you want to improve your nutritional health and maintain it, the rule i s very simple: "Eat anything your Creator has made for you to eat; but do not eat it if man, in order to make a profit, has tampered with it."

What does the modern "processor" frequently do with perfectly good foods to make a profit?

1. First, he must render it inert, that is, kill the life in it so it will not spoil. To make money, it must have a long, perfect shelf life. It must therefore not mold, mildew, smell bad or ferment. It must be rendered inert. It must be dead. To do this, he must pasteurize it, boil it, refine it or chemically treat it so as to render it inert.

2. He must put it in a beautiful, eye-appealing package.

3. He then advertises it on a billboard, in newspapers, magazines, on radio or T.V.

When you go into the market, go directly to the fresh fruits, the fresh or frozen vegetables (not yet cooked) and the fresh meats or fish. Then go to the dairy counter and buy only raw butter (never margarine), fertile eggs, yogurt, and fresh, raw, and natural cheeses (not processed).

In the canned foods section, buy only tomatoes (in winter) and canned protein products, such as baked beans, salmon, tuna fish and sardines. They are not nearly as good as the fresh but they do have nutritional value. Then go home !

Learn to eat as your great-great-grandparents ate. There is nothing new or magic about good health. Our ancestors had it but they didn't have many of our modern problems. It should be basically simple for modern, civilized man to obtain and retain vibrant health. It doesn't require a higher education. We cannot believe that a beneficent Creator intended you to enjoy good health from the cradle to the grave only if you first had a Ph.D., a college degree, or even a high school diploma. Just use the instinct and common sense given you at birth. Develop a deep faith in your Creator.

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The curse of modern food is that it' s almost impossible to enter a supermarket and buy food that is not chemically treated. Most dried fruits are sulphured to prevent spoilage. Most hams are embalmed with formaldehyde or sodium nitrite. Most frankfurters, bologna, etc., are dyed with poisonous dyes. Most bread has chemical softeners and chemical mold inhibitors and most flour is bleached. Use flour marked "unbleached" and preferably "stone ground" whole wheat unbleached flour. Most all soft drinks have chemical acids added to their formula; for example, Coca Cola has added phosphoric acid (incidentally, an excellent drain cleaner) which inhibits the assimilation of calcium; many are simply "counterfeit", water with chemicals for flavor and sweetening. Most beef cattle, poultry, lamb and pork are still fed harmful synthetic hormones. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sprayed with poisonous insecticides.

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An excellent summary of what our bodies have to contend with in everyday life was stated by Dr. Jonathan Forman, M.D., long-time Editor of Ohio State Medical Journal, and President of Friends of the Land. We quote from his introduction to Leonard Wickenden's book OUR DAILY POISON:

"What most of us fail to appreciate, perhaps because it seems to be beyond our comprehension, is that the enzymatic processes in our bodies are affected even by slight traces of chemicals - by as little as one part in fifty million, or less.

"Therefore, when it is proposed to add sodium fluoride to drinking water, to make the fluoride content one part per million, we assume that it can do us no harm. The possibility of harmful effects of a slowly accumulative nature in dilutions is a new discovery. The effect cannot yet be determined by analytical methods - only by a long-term bioassay.

"In such an assay, there are also certain definite principles which must be considered if one is to establish these harmful effects. One must begin with the fact that life began with catalysts and continues only through them.

"The enzymes are catalysts which initiate these body reactions and steer them through all the processes of life. They consist of a protein, a vitamin, and a mineral element obtained only from the soil via the food we eat.

"Then there are the biological antagonists. For instance, nature maintains an equilibrium between male and female hormones. In fact, for every hormone and every vitamin, there is a corresponding analogue which has an antagonistic action. Similarly, for every mineral, there is another reaction and substitute for the first chemical element, but sometimes with opposite effects. Herein lies the harm of the various poisons so popularly used today. They inhibit those enzymatic reactions which are so essential to healthy living.

"To illustrate the problem of antagonisms, let us consider vitamins a little more in detail. Besides the anti-vitamin chemicals, there are many chemicals which produce a vitamin deficiency even though the person may be eating a balanced diet as recommended by the Nutrition Committee of the National Research Council."

"It is most important for an understanding of the thesis of this book to recognize that the damaging effect of the antagonists may not be complete, but still definitely interfere with normal physiological processes. The interference may result in a clinical deficiency which may be so slight that it is recognized as an unexplained indisposition. Many millions of people are half sick as a result of these antagonisms. The vitamins which

emphasize as essential to health are constantly destroyed for us in the following ways:

1. By oxidation in storage and in cooking. By sterilizing, pasteurizing, and other forms of processing.

2. Many supposedly harmless drugs, some containing lead, mercury, arsenic and bismuth, interrupt enzymatic reactions and hence are strong antagonists. These minerals not only inhibit the action of enzymes by displacing the mineral - catalyzing portions of the enzyme, they also greatly increase excretion of vitamins in the urine.

3. Antibiotics, to a considerable degree, owe their effectiveness to their destruction of bacteria in the alimentary canal. This means either the death of favorable bacteria which manufacture essential vitamins or the overgrowth of the unfriendly bacteria which prevent growth of these helpful bacteria. At the same time, these unfriendly bacteria may even produce toxins themselves.

4. Bleaching agents, such as agene, formerly used in baking bread, chlorine dioxide now used in its place, benzoyl peroxide, or alkaline persulphate have a very strong tendency to destroy most vitamins but especially the oil-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. The extent to which bleaching agents of one sort or another are used to bleach common foods is little appreciated by those of us not in the food industry.

5. Sulphuring of foods for preservation, as in the preparation of dried fruits such as raisins, prunes, apricots, peaches and apples. To this list must be added the sulphides which are employed to 'freshen' meats and give them a better color.

6. The chlorination of our public water supplies may not be the innocent thing that it appears to be. Chlorine, rascent and hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide and other chlorine compounds are powerful oxidizing and bleaching agents. When the chlorination of drinking water is sufficient to produce an offensive smell and taste, enough chlorine may enter the intestinal tract to destroy bacteria and thus deprive us of the essential vitamins which they make for us. Quite different is the case of fluorides when added to the drinking water. Flouride does not smell and does not taste. When the flouridated water is boiled, the chemical is concentrated; unlike chlorine, it does not go off as a gas. Fluorides are strong inhibitors of enzymes, especially those concerned with the utilization of sugars and starches." (Emphasis added.)

The importance of differentiating between diet and nutrition should be emphasized. Diet is what we eat. Nutrition is what the body gets ! It isn't enough just to get nutrients into the mouth; it is also important to know how vitamins act biologically and how they can be affected by other agents, both before entering and once inside the body. We must bear all this in mind to be better able to show our customers how to avoid various pitfalls that our complex civilization has bestowed upon us.

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VIT-RA-TOX Products offer you an opportunity to do an educational, humanitarian and profitable job in bringing better nutrition to people in your own community. A thorough study of the recommended material will enable you to effectively do this. In so doing, you may not only gain respect for your own knowledge but, more importantly, you may derive that inner glow of satisfaction that comes from being instrumental in contributing to the better health of your fellow man.

Unfortunately, many people attempting to emulate our way of life, such as the clergy, teachers and social workers, etc., are not always compensated in dollars and cents in proportion to their contributions. VIT-RA-TOX provides the ideal combination: an opportunity to earn considerably more money than you could earn elsewhere and build for yourself an independent business.

You can be your own boss. What more can a thinking man or woman ask? The reaction of many people at this point is: How do I learn more about nutrition and the use of the VIT-RA-TOX Products, and how do I go about getting started?

First, let' s talk about the opportunity being presented to you from a money-making and business standpoint. We offer you a sound and outstanding proposition: an opportunity to earn in proportion to your abilities and ambition. We present a unique marketing plan, whereby YOU, when qualified, can set up other socially-minded and enterprising men and women to sell VIT-RA-TOX Products and you will receive a commission (Rebate) on the business which you and these people do.

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REBATES--Your Income Avenues

Here is a brief description of the plan: All Distributors buy VlT-RA-TOX products at the wholesale price, which is approximately 65% of the suggested retail price. In the process of supplying these products to your customers and to your Distributors, three potential income avenues are available to you...

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The FIRST INCOME AVENUE is through supplying the products DIRECTLY to the customer at Retail price. This affords a return on investment of approximately 54%. Anyone who distributes the products, regardless of volume, will make at least a 54% return on their investment.

For Example:

You purchase $65.00 worth of products from the company at Wholesale price. Then you deliver these products to your customer who pays you the suggested Retail price of $100.00. You have just made a $35.00 profit.

Your INVESTMENT $65.00

A 54% return on investment is the very minimum any VIT-RA-TOX Distributor can expect when they begin selling our products. As you begin to increase your monthly volume you will see this 54% begin to increase dramatically.

Which brings us to the next Income Avenue:

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The SECOND INCOME AVENUE comes through increasing the MONTHLY VOLUME of products you supply to your customers. As you begin to learn about VIT-RA-TOX Products, use them yourself, and share what you have learned with others, the volume of your monthly purchases will naturally begin to grow. Let's multiply the above figures by 10. Suppose you are now purchasing $650.00 worth of products from the company every month and retailing them directly to your customers. Your income would now be $350.00 per month; however, because of the volume, you are now eligible for a monthly "REBATE," or refund, from V.E. IRONS, INC. This Rebate, based on your total monthly wholesale purchases, can go from 6% all the way up to 38%. To qualify for this monthly Rebate all you need to do is purchase a minimum of $250.00 (wholesale) worth of products from your Sponsor/Company in one calendar month. If you do, the Sponsor/Company will send you (by the 20th of the following month) a check for an additional 6% (or more) of your purchases, based on the Rebate Schedule.

Going back to our previous example of$650.00 worth of purchases in one month, not only would you make a profit of $350.00 by retailing the products, but you would also receive an additional 15% Rebate from your Sponsor/Company the following month That's an additional $97.50 ! So your actual earnings on $650.00 worth of purchases, if sold in one month, would not be $350.00, but $447.50.

Profit on Retail sales $350.00
Rebate +97.50


We have many Distributors doing exactly this and much more, every month, all around the country. So we know it can be done.

What would you do with an extra $450.00/month added to your present income? It wouldn't be hard to decide.

But that's still not all. These earnings can be increased EVEN MORE if you're a little ambitious and like to work with other people. This is our THIRD INCOME AVENUE:

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The THIRD INCOME AVENUE comes to you indirectly through the purchases of other Distributors whom you have introduced to the business. As they begin to learn about VIT-RA-TOX products, use the products themselves, and share them with others, their business will begin to grow just as yours did. And since you are supplying them with their products, as their monthly volume increases so does yours. Now you have other Distributors purchasing product from you, and you continue to retail products yourself. This puts you in a higher purchase volume Rebate bracket than your Sub-Distributors. This difference is your THIRD SOURCE OF INCOME.

Let's build on our previous example and assume that your purchases are $650.00/month. In addition, you now have FOUR Distributors getting their product from you throughout the month, and their purchases from you are as follows:


MARY $350.00 6 % $21.00
CHARLIE $190.00 0% 0
SALLY $850.00 15% $127.50
JOE $450.00 9% $40.50

  $1,840.00   $189.00

TOTAL PURCHASES = $1,840.00 *

The REBATE you pay to
YOUR Sub-Distributors = $189.00 **

Now, let's look at what happens to YOUR overall VOLUME and REBATE:


* Your Sub-Distributors' purchases

Your own personal purchases

$2,490.00 x 24.5% = $610.05

** LESS REBATE you pay to your Sub-Distributors:
        -$ 189.00



($ I ,000.00 Retail sales - $650.00 Wholesale price)

        $771.05 !

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(Effective September ,1996)

Wholesale Purchases
in Calendar Month
Rebate Percentage

$250.00 - $399.00 6.0%
$400.00 - $499.00 9.0%
$500.00 - $649.00 12.0%
$650.00 - $899.00 15.0%
$900.00 - $1399.00 18.5%
$1400.00 - $1999.00 21.5%
$2000.00 - $2899.00 24.5%
$2900.00 - $3999.00 27.5%
$4000.00 - $4999.00 29.0%
$5000.00 - $6299.00 30.5%
$6300.00 - $7899.00 32.0%
$7900.00 - $10,599.00 34.0%
$10,600.00 - $13,099.00 35.0%
$13,100.00 - $16,199.00 36.5%
$16,200.00 - and up 38.0%

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When you have reached the maximum Rebate level of 38%, your Sponsor will receive compensation for services rendered but since this affects your Sponsor and not you, the technicalities will be explained when you have reached the maximum Rebate level.

Seldom has an opportunity been offered to the average man or woman to earn so much money with so little effort. Many can make more money part-time with us than full-time in their regular occupation.


Note: 1. Rebates are earned on VIT-RA-TOX products only. Items excluded from Rebate earnings are: literature, replacements, sales aids, sales tax and shipping costs . No Rebates are issued on initial orders .

2. Rebates are issued by check only. No rebates will be credited to your account.

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Enclosed is an Order Form which we believe is self-explanatory. In order to maintain a production flow with some degree of consistency, it is imperative that you cooperate in assisting us by submitting purchase orders at reasonably frequent intervals, and not order heavily one month, lightly the next month, then heavily again, etc . All forms of stockpiling are actively discouraged. (One exception is ordering liquid, glass products for winter stock. ) As an incentive to solicit your cooperation, the REBATE SCHEDULE is subject to the following provisions:

A Distributor may purchase in quantities to put himself in the 6% refund bracket, or OVER, each month for his first three months in business. After three months he must purchase in such a manner that, should he drop back more than two refund levels, the following month he can climb back not more than two refund levels at a time, regardless of purchases.

For Example: If a Distributor purchases enough to earn a 24.5% Rebate in April, and in May earns only a 9% Rebate, during the next month of June he cannot earn over 15% (9-12-15 %), two percentage levels, regardless of the higher volume purchased. In July his purchases could have earned 27.5% had his sales remained consistent, but because of the previous month of June, he only earns two levels from 15%, or 21.5% (See Fig.1 Rebate Schedule on page 43 and Fig.2 below.)

Note: Our intent is to eliminate stockpiling of product and ensure a consistent month-to-month income to all our Distributors This can only be maintained by consistent month-to-month ordering by all Distributors. The only exception might be the case of an annual convention where an unusually large amount of product is actually sold. We do not intend this rule to discourage real sales of our product only to discourage erratic purchasing far in excess of actual monthly sales. Everyone will benefit by adherence to this principle.

Now you can see how your income can increase by helping other Distributors do the same thing you originally do. Remember,your income by yourself was $447.50. Now it's increased to $771.05 and you haven't sold any more product than before (although it' s likely your personal sales would have risen). We have many Distributors who, on a part-time basis in just a few hours a week, can double the above earnings and quite a few who can triple it.

This "THIRD INCOME AVENUE" can geometrically expand when your Distributors begin to find and train their own Distributors, and those Distributors in turn do the same. It's like a family tree where your immediate Distributors are your children, their children become your grandchildren, etc. (We call them Sub-Distributors.) And the purchases by everyone in your tree contribute to your monthly volume, thereby increasing your monthly Rebate percentage, to a maximum of 38% !


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DIRECT PURCHASING (Through Your Sponsor)

Distributors must purchase their products directly from V.E. IRONS, INC. in order to receive proper sales volume credit. However, should a Distributor obtain some of the product from a Sponsor's personal inventory, the Sponsor must report it to V.E. IRONS, INC. for proper volume credit (Rebate) for the qualifying Distributor.

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All Orders, whether placed by MAIL, PHONE, or FAX1 are credited to the CALENDAR MONTH in which they are received by V.E. IRONS, INC. V.E. IRONS, INC. will not be held responsible for Distributor's late payments or order placement and any consequent losses in Rebates.

Charge Accounts: The DEADLINE for all payments on invoices, especially ones to be counted for Rebates, is the 10th of the following month (i.e., Full payment for JANUARY purchases must be received by the 10th of February AND NO LATER to be eligible for a Rebate. ) To ensure payment is received by the Home Office in time, we recommend a 2-day or next day (overnight) letter service. Please use our physical address for UPS, Federal Express or other hand delivery service.


# 1 - If an invoice is unpaid at the time of closing rebates (10th of each month), the invoice is no longer eligible for a Rebate for that month, EVEN once it is paid.

#2 - In order to be eligible to receive a Rebate on your Downline's purchases, you must have placed an order and paid for the order by the 10th of the following month. Distributors who do not place an order in a given month are not eligible to receive a Rebate on their Downline's purchases for that month.


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Seventy percent (70%) of all orders should be employed to build, promote, and facilitate retail sales of VIT-RA-TOX products to consumers. Our primary goal is to promote the sale of the Company' s products. Purchasing product solely for the purpose of collecting Rebates is prohibited. For purposes of this rule, a sale may include a purchase for personal or family use.

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Nearly every man and woman in the selling profession looks forward to the day when he or she will no longer be out doing personal selling, braving inclement weather, etc. Here's the opportunity to sponsor Sub-Distributors, train them and eventually become more active in organizational and supervisory work. Look around you. Haven't most successful, respected business and professional men and women in your community developed that potential? They are today able to enjoy a high standard of living and many of the niceties and luxuries because they have multiplied their efforts through others. In this business, your overhead is considerably less than in most, because your home can serve as your office. Here is your opportunity.

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As an independent Distributor, you must conduct your operation in strict compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations,and other requirements of the State, City, and County in which you conduct your business.

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Unless otherwise directed by your sponsor, we ship products and literature directly to you. Upon request, we will ship to your customer (drop ship) for a small fee of $3.00 per address (No C.O.D.s).

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We generally ship via UPS, Parcel Post or Trucking Line (Yellow Freight, Northwest, Consolidated, Roadway, etc. ) Most shipments under a pallet size (approximately 96 cases) are shipped by UPS. A pallet size shipment will go by the usual trucking line, unless you specify your preference.


1. Within the Continental United States, the Company will pay all transportation charges on shipments totaling $400.00 or more at Wholesale Prices, provided said shipments are by UPS (ground), parcel post or motor freight, NOT by 2-day air, next day air, or special services.


  • C. O. D. CHARGES

3. The Distributor will pay all shipping charges on orders under $400.00 Wholesale. To calculate the shipping charges ADD 10% of the SUBTOTAL but not less than $5.00.

4. FOREIGN/HAWAII/ALASKA/PUERTO RICO ORDERS: Actual shipping will be charged on orders sent out of the Continental United States.

5. DROP SHIP CHARGE: A $3.00 charge is added to any orders sent to an address other than the Distributor' s.

6. REFUSED SHIPMENTS: Should a Distributor refuse delivery of any order shipped by V.E. IRONS, INC. and that shipment is subsequently returned to the shipping origin, the ordering Distributor will be charged the total shipping for that order. If the Distributor refuses to pay the charges, he/she will be made "inactive" pending resolution of the delivery refusal.

Instead of refusing an order, the Distributor should accept the order and then contact the Company to discuss the reason(s) for requesting a return. The Company will then determine if a valid reason exists, and the proper procedure for a return of the order will be explained.


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You will be assigned a folio number by your Sponsor which should appear on each order form in the space provided.

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( If a Distributor has been inactive (no purchases) for one year, they are placed in an Inactive file. If they remain inactive (no purchases) for a further two years, their Distributorship status is Expired . To renew an Inactive Distributorship, the Distributor must pay a renewal fee of $15 .00 which must be paid immediately (or with order) and must complete a RENEWAL Application Form. Please note that the payment and the Renewal form must be received before any order is processed. To renew an Expired Distributorship, the Distributor must fulfill the requirements for a new Distributor (Application Form, $50.00 fee and an order for three #59 Cleansing Kits).

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Most Distributors concentrate their energies and activities in their own community. However, territory is "open" in this industry because of the unbelievable number of leads and references which carry a Distributor from one town to another, from one section of the city to another or from one state to another. A Distributor may sponsor or introduce another Distributor who resides in any part of the United States. We believe that in this business "closed" territories operate against the rapid development of every ambitious Distributor. Hence, there are no exclusive territories for marketing or recruiting purposes, nor shall any VIT-RA-TOX Distributor imply or state that they have exclusive rights to any territory.

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The Company carries product liability insurance, which protects both the Company and each Distributor. However, the insurance coverage applies only to those uses and purposes specifically set forth on the product label or in official Company literature. Distributors who misrepresent the product or make claims other than those set forth on the labels or in official company literature are depriving their Distributorship of the protection provided by the product liability insurance. Their Distributor status may also be in jeopardy of termination.

Here is a list of guidelines to follow concerning medical claims:

1. NO DISTRIBUTOR shall make a medical claim about any VIT-RA-TOX Product, whether expressed or implied.

2. DO NOT undertake to prescribe or diagnose. You are not a physician.

3. DO NOT promise or suggest "Cures."

4. DO NOT discuss specific diseases at any time. Remember, we are primarily interested in teaching how to maintain better health through NUTRITION. If your customer feels the lack of certain nutritional factors in his diet, it might be best to supplement their diet by using VIT-RA-TOX #21, #22 or #23.

5 VIT-RA-TOX Distributors are advised to recommend to any customer under a physician's care or suffering from a chronic disorder that they should first consult their physician before undertaking any changes in diet or beginning any nutritional program . Persons currently receiving any kind of medical treatment should always be urged to seek the advice of their physician before changing their diet or beginning any nutritional program .

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V.E. Irons, Inc. reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of the GOLD BOOK without prior notice.

Violation of any of the rules set forth in this GOLD BOOK may be grounds for termination of the individual's Distributor status. The violator may also be liable for civil damages resulting from unauthorized use of V.E. Irons, Inc./VIT-RA-TOX copyrights, trademarks, materials or products.


Customer hereby applies to become a Distributor of VIT-RA-TOX Products of V.E. IRONS, INC (herein "VEI") and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. It is understood and agreed that the Distributor is an independent contractor and not an agent or employee of VEI. Distributor is responsible for all applicable Federal and State self-employment taxes and/or license fees and will abide by all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws.

2. Distributor is at least 18 years of age, or of legal age in the state in which Distributor enters into this Agreement.

3. No statements, disclosures, or representations may be made by the Distributor in selling VEI products, or in recruiting other prospective Distributors, other than those contained in literature approved by VEI.

4. No advertisement or promotional literature, other than that previously approved by VEI, may be distributed or published by Distributor. Reproduction of any literature generated by VEI or of the VIT-RA-TOX logo is prohibited.

5. Distributor shall not use the name V.E. Irons, VIT-RA-TOX, or any other proprietary trade name, trademark or service mark of VEI, without prior written consent of VEI.

6. Repackaging of any VEI product is forbidden.

7. Distributor agrees that at least 70'S, of all orders shall be employed to build, promote and facilitate retail sales of VEI products to consumers. The primary goal of VEI is to promote the sale of its products. VEI prohibits the purchase of product solely for the purpose of qualifying for Rebates.

8. It is understood and agreed that no purchase or investment is necessary to become a VEI Distributor other than the initial order.

9. This Agreement may be cancelled by the Distributor at any time by notification in writing to VEI. In that event, VEI shall repurchase products through Distributor's Group Manager at 90S, of the original net cost to the Distributor, less Rebates paid on or in connection with such products, provided that such products are unencumbered, in their original packaging and in a saleable condition. Rebates are paid to the Distributor's Group Manager, who shall in turn pay such Rebates to the Distributor. Upon attaining the Rebates in the manner described herein, Distributor hereby agrees to reimburse VEl for the cost of repurchasing from another Distributor any products sold by the Distributor to such other Distributor. In any state in which specific buyback requirements vary from the foregoing products shall be repurchased in accordance with the applicable state law.

10. All purchase orders, applications, and other documents are credited to the calendar month is which they are received by VEI.

11. VEI will not be responsible for payment or application errors, loss of Rebates, delays in Distributor registration or purchase order delays.

12. Distributor agrees to hold VEI harmless from any claim, liability or damages arising out of Distributor's activities as a VEI Distributor.

13. Distributor agrees to furnish VEI with a tax I.D. number or resale number as required by Distributor's state or local jurisdiction.

14. Distributor will fill in the name of his/her Sponsor in the space provided. Distributor certifies that the Sponsor has made no representations other than those set forth in this Agreement.

15. All orders for products and sales aids must be accompanied by money order, cashier's check, personal check or credit card information. No second party checks will be accepted.

16. No Rebates shall be paid on the sale of literature, replacements, sales aids, sales tax or shipping and handling.

17. VEI reserves the right to change prices, policies and procedures, company literature, or its marketing plan, without prior notice.

18. Failure of Distributor to abide by this Agreement may result in its immediate termination.

19. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri, except Paragraph 2 above, which shall be governed by individual state or local laws.

20. Distributor has received and read the VEI Terms and Conditions and Rebate Schedule. It is understood and agreed that they are part of this Agreement and that they are incorporated herein by reference. Distributor understands and agrees to abide by such Terms and Conditions, and Rebate Schedule, and by any amendments to same that may be adopted by VEI from time to time.

21. This Agreement is effective on the date the Distributor Application form is accepted by the VEI Home Office.

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