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Why I have Promoted and Endorsed
primarily Springreen for 30 Years now

Dear Doctor,

The Springreen natural food concentrate supplements are the epitome of what true nutritional supplementation is all about.

The Springreen company has been in existence for half a century. Springreen is the leader in the field of processing and retaining biologically active qualities of cereal grasses and other organic nutrient sources.

View the Chromatogram Studies---these tell all.

Show and give your patients the truth in Nutrition! With Springreen you can truly give your patients the best!

To quote my mentor, the late Dr. Richard Murray (Dr. Royal Lee's* finest student), "With Springreen you are providing the enzymatic animation to your nutritional protocols. If, to all nutritional protocols, were added Springreen, the efficacy of the protocol would increase many times."

Say YES to live nutrition!
Best regards,
Dr. Betsy F. Meshbesher
Galaxy Nutrients
 *Dr. Royal Lee of the Nutrition Foundation for Nutritional Research from Milwaukee, Wisconsin stated in 1951 that if Victor Irons would undertake the exclusive sales of Springreen, regardless of how long he lived, there would never be on the market anything that would compare to it. He said we would have THE best product for health but that there be plenty of market competition. Victor Irons undertook its sale and production and insisted that everything, including the soil, was alive. To produce healthy products, the soil must contain plenty of bacterial life and plenty of humus for the bacteria to eat and live on.

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