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Dr. Betsy's natural health secrets revealed:nutritional facts, health information, better health products, natural health tips to keep your personal health high-get your high protein galaxy smoothie recipe, natural health information and nutritional facts you need to solve your personal health issues naturally!

   Dear Galaxy friend,
If you're confused about natural health - nutritional supplements, it's not surprising. There's so much hype! My goal is to put an end to that confusion by providing real facts about the importance of using 100% "true" natural nutrients.

I have spent over 30 years searching for the true information about health and nutrition -- what works for optimal health for every body. I am a scientist dedicated to finding the finest truly natural, active supplements and living natural food sources.

More than likely, you've had a difficult time trying to figure out fact from fiction when it comes to better health products.
Let's straighten out the health confusion!

Vitamins are among the most marketed products in our world today! With that kind of activity, there's bound to be some inaccuracies. I promise that, at Galaxy Nutrients, we'll do our best to continually educate you on health issues, explain health fads, give personal health tips and guide you to the right products for your exact needs. Here's what one respected colleague has to say about our efforts:

"I have done extensive study and research into Natural versus synthetic nutrition. When it comes to quality in the nutrients I recommend to my patients, I cannot take chances my patients expect me to get and keep them healthy. I have been confidently using these Natural dietary supplements professionally and personally for over 4 years- I strongly endorse Galaxy Nutrients a Nutritional supplement line with NOTICABLY rare integrity"

                                 Dr. Matthew Tracey
                                 Physician to the Royal Family, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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What you actually get out of 
Your Life
will be determined far more by
Your Health
than by Your Wealth

The answer lies herein

The subject of Health and ill-health is one of the most controversial subjects in the World today, even if experts don't agree on all the causes of either. There are some, such as Dr. Frederick Stare of Harvard University, who would say that we are the "best fed" nation on earth, and therefore that what we eat cannot be the cause of various conditions of ill health. On the other hand, the late Dr. Thomas Spies, who held the highest award which could be given by the American Medical Association, stated that proper nutrition is vital to good health, and intimately related to it. However, there is one aspect of this subject which is not really controversial, and that is the condition of the health of our Country today. According to a survey taken not long ago by Dr. W. Coda Martin, who has served as head of the Geriatrics Department of a large New York hospital, many millions of people in the United States are sick, hurting or ailing or are suffering from some chronic ailment. Statistics issued by the U. S. Public Health Service verify this fact. The situation was confirmed recently in a public statement by President Johnson. Also, Dr. Norman Joliffe stated (in the New York State Medical Journal of September 15th, 1955), "Although in America life expectancy at birth is near the best of any civilized nation-at age 40 life expectancy is near the bottom."


What is the reason for deplorable health conditions of the wealthiest nation on the face of the earth? We believe that much ill health is occasioned because as a nation and as individuals we too often fail to follow known fundamental principles with regard to real health, as against artificial concepts of health.

You realize, of course, that we have more and better trained doctors than any nation We have more and better hospitals, and yet as a Nation we remain one of the sickest. So drugs, medicines, and surgery haven't been a solution.


A most fundamental principle in regard to natural health is that every cell of the body is served by the blood. The body makes the blood and the blood then does its work. It nourishes the cell, replaces "worn out" parts and carries away waste products. This principle is accepted today by virtually all scientists and doctors, but mankind as a whole frequently does not desire to accept or apply logical conclusions derived from its application, namely, that when something goes wrong organically with a part of the body, whether it be the brain, the nerves, the bones, organs, glands or skin, then nutritionally-derived materials in the blood may not be of quality or in quantity necessary to do what Nature intended. It doesn't make any difference what your condition of ill health might be, you need a balanced blood stream, and the only way you can balance the blood stream is through proper nutrition.

The Nutrition Foundation, for example, has stated that nutrition is the most important environmental factor in the health of our people. There are other factors, of course, but nutrition is certainly the most important. No medicine or drug, or other type of treatment builds. We repeat that the only way you can build or balance the blood stream is through proper nutrition.

We are not alone
in this concept. Dr. Charles Mayo was the famous physician who founded the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota. He built the Mayo Clinic to its eminence in America by this very same idea of proper nutrition.

Dr. Mayo stated: "We are all afraid of germs because we are all ignorant of them. Germs are outside, what we should be afraid of is lowered resistance which comes from within. The folly of our topsy turvy notion leads to much preventable confusion and despair. Instead of developing a proper respect for our own extraordinary powers conferred upon us by mother nature, we endow germs with unnatural powers which they should not possess."

Dr. Mayo went on to say, "Here let me repeat one solemn truth which should be repeated over and over each day until everybody comprehends its meaning and acts upon it. Normal resistance to disease is directly dependent upon adequate food, normal resistance to disease never comes out of pill boxes. Adequate food is the cradle of normal resistance, the playground of normal immunity, the workshop of good health, and the laboratory of long life."


Adequate nutrition is a key to better health, despite what many lesser lights may have to say to the contrary. Adequate nutrition doesn't necessarily depend upon the quantity of food, but it means food in its best quality, as found through a natural state. For instance, in India where many people starve because there isn't enough food to go around, the food they do have is often found more in its natural state than ours, and adequate as to quality, if not as to quantity. In India there is only a small fraction of the heart trouble found in the United States. In China where there is much starvation, a doctor may go through a whole life-time of practice and perhaps never see a single instance of a bad heart condition. Why? We believe that the food these people do have is eaten more in its natural state than is our highly-processed, refined and chemically treated food, and thus contains certain natural protective factors. Of course, certain persons considered experts will disagree, maintaining that consumption of a diet relatively high in "empty calorie" foods, and comparatively low in natural nutrition, does not have any bearing on these conditions. However, until the experts agree on the subject, we will bet on Nature, unhampered, to do the best job.


Proper natural foods are grown on soil fertilized with natural items, such as compost, manure, natural lime and rock phosphate. Today instead of using these natural fertilizers, most farmers are using high- powered non-natural chemical fertilizers, which give a quick, voluminous growth but fail to put the same quality in the food which you find from growth of naturally-treated soil. Proper natural foods are those not sprayed with poisonous insecticides. So many foods today have been sprayed with one or more poisonous sprays, the residues of which can get into our systems.

Proper natural foods are unrefined, un-pasteurized, un-fragmented and un-adulterated with various chemicals. Hundreds of foods you find in a supermarket today have been tampered with in one way or another. 2000 or more chemicals are being used in our daily foods as coloring agents, buffers, hardeners, thickeners, thinners, softeners, etc.
Proper natural foods still retain their original life as signified by enzyme factors, and retain in natural inter-relationship their original vitamin complexes, organic minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Whenever feasible they are eaten raw.



This word life is the key to truly natural foods. 
Our bodies are all live biological creatures.
 If we expect to maintain nutritional health, we should eat live vital 
natural foods.

The gauge, or measuring stick, of the life or naturalness of food is in its enzymes.

When a food retains its enzymes, it will readily attract hugs, fungus, moulds, weevils, worms and bacteria. As advocated by the pioneer nutritionist, Dr. E. V. McCollum, we should eat those foods which will spoil, rot, sour, ferment, mildew or develop a bad odor, but, of course, we should eat them before this happens. Nature's tiny creatures cannot read ads and they have no favorite TV program, and they choose their foods without commercial inducement. If they refuse to eat a food, then this can be your signal to avoid it also, because it may well lack life and other desirable values.

Various persons considered experts, particularly those subsidized directly or indirectly by various commercial interests, maintain that enzymes ill food are of no importance, and that we can eat foods deprived of them with 110 difference in nutritional effect. Various experts would also discount or minimize the importance of foods which are grown on naturally-fertilized soil, or free of insecticides, or unrefined and free of chemical additives. However, until the experts agree, we will once again bet on Nature for the best job.

It is a fact, as confirmed by such U S. Government publications as the Yearbook of Agriculture, 1959, that many American families do not have diets considered best for the maintenance of health and physical well-being. Dietary deficiencies exist in every strata of Society, and the situation is not one likely to be remedied immediately So just what can we do about it?

We are not interested in selling our products unless we make every effort to help the customer get satisfactory results. We don't claim super powers for our products. We do not diagnose or prescribe. For this you should see your doctor. All through the history of this Country, the family doctor has been our symbol of confidence in our physical existence. He built that confidence. Many doctors use and prescribe our products. These products are intended to help doctors in handling nutritional problems and are not for one moment to be considered substitutes for the counsel and advice of doctors concerning medical matters.

Results are nutritional only. We recommend a simple three-way program, as this triangle of health indicates. We believe that if you follow these three recommendations accurately, you should be aided to gradually get back to Nature, and derive health benefits. The first thing recommended to do is to aid in keeping the body clean on the inside. The second thing is to eat more natural foods, with at least 50% of them eaten raw. The third recommendation is to supply deficiencies, if any, resulting from eating fractionalized, fragmented, dead "empty calorie" food, with natural raw food concentrates.



To repeat, our first recommendation is to aid the body in keeping clean on the inside. Most people are very careful about the cleanliness of the outside of the body, and will use all kinds of soaps and shampoos, deodorants, and skin bracers, but often the same people ignore the inside, which is actually much more important.

 The colon is sometimes called "the sewer of the body". If unclean and we desire maximum healthful function, we must clean it out. You have heard, no doubt, of Dr. Harvey W. Kellogg and the Kellogg Sanitarium of Battle Creek, Michigan. Dr. Kellogg said, "Of the twenty-two thousand operations I have personally performed, I have never found a single normal colon, and of the one-hundred thousand performed under my jurisdiction not over 6% were normal." Various doctors may disagree with Dr. Kellogg's observations, but no one would dispute the desirability of maintaining the best colonic conditions possible.

USE Springreen Psyllium Intestinal Cleanser

You have perhaps seen a water pipe after it has been used for a few years, and have noticed how corroded it can get around the inside wall. A similar situation can take place in the colon, if over a period of years mucous accumulates and hardens, causing fecal matter to back up and become still harder. Certain old time doctors claimed much ill-health originated from improper elimination Some present-day doctors would disagree. At any rate, why try to build a healthy bloodstream and body until unnecessary accumulations are eliminated?

For this we recommend a product that is called "Intestinal Cleanser". Do keep in mind that this product is not offered for any colonic condition which would require medical treatment. It is an intestinal cleanser, nothing else. It contains special psyllium seed derived from trees in India. The seed is ground into fine powder, which has two important characteristics. First, taken with either fruit juice or water, it tends to hold moisture content and thus helps bowel movement. Second, it has a gentle swelling action, and when it gets into the colon, the moisture and this swelling action combined aid to loosen up waste material for easier elimination. After using this product for a few days, many customers have inquired, "Where did all the waste material come from". Thus, without pain or cramps, you can get a good cleaning out. We believe a clean colon is an important factor in good health. But this product is to help in cleaning the colon



We also recommend aiding detoxification via the alimentary canal. For this we recommend "Hydrated- Bentonite", as an aid in a cleansing and nutritional program. This product is not offered for any specific condition, but only as an aid in detoxification, via the alimentary canal. Montmorillonie (Bentonite) is a volcanic ash ground up in the bowels of the earth, and according to certain experts has found various uses for centuries. For example, it reportedly helped substantially reduce mortality from cholera during the Balkan war of 1910. It was also reported valuable in the 1919 Chinese cholera epidemic. In India, it was used in the treatment of food poisoning occurring in the British army. Although Hydrated-Bentonite has been used for a long time, many people seem to have forgotten about it, perhaps due to preoccupation with heavily advertised "wonder" drugs, and the like. 

Montmorillonite has no toxic side effects as do the wonder drugs, and this alone is of value. It aids detoxification by mechanical and physical action, not chemical means. The way it works is simple. Montmorillonite seems to have a strong negative attraction for positively charged atoms. Certain toxic substances found in the body may be positively charged. Bentonite in hydrated form can pick up about two hundred times its own weight in positively charged substances, taking them through the alimentary canal for elimination. Scientific experimentation performed by Dr. Lind, Damrau, and others, confirms the nature of its action. Thus, Montmorillonite Detoxificant  and Intestinal Cleanser make up our "cleaning team". However, neither of these does anything to build nutritionally, and for supplemental nutrition, as added to natural foods, we recommend a product known as Springreen Tablets.


Springreen is not just one more synthetic vitamin and mineral product put together by man in a laboratory. It is not a drug or a medicine. Rather it is a 100% natural food concentrate, made up of a blend of dried extracted juices of the young tender rapidly growing green cereal grain shoots in the grass state, comprising oats, wheat, corn, barley and rye grown on organically treated soil, and cut at the first joint stage. These cereal grasses are grown on a farm about twenty-five miles from Kansas City, Missouri. We believe it to be as rich and fertile a farm as any of corresponding size, or even larger, found in the United States. On this farm no chemical fertilizer or poisonous sprays are used. Only natural fertilizers are used, including those from an 8-acre compost and worm bed comprised of thousands of tons of manure hauled from the Kansas City stock yards. Leaves, and tons of egg shells from an egg plant in Kansas City, have also been used. Each year tons of seaweed are applied to help maintain billions of worms whose excretions in turn reach the soil. Powdered seaweed is also drilled directly into the soil, thus augmenting its trace mineral content.


Why do we use the cereal grasses'? First, because in the green grass state they are one food not toxic to man or beast in any usuable quantity. No matter how much you eat of this grass, it cannot hurt you or make you sick, because it is non-toxic in any consumable amount. AlSO, the cereal grasses are complete foods in and of themselves. An animal can live on grasses in the green grass state without any outside supplementation.


In the growing and processing of Springreen every possible precaution is taken to preserve the destructible vitamin, mineral, and enzyme factors. In early Spring or late Fall when the cereal grasses are in the most rapidly-growing green-grass state, nearly a foot high, and when the first joint is just breaking through the ground, the grass is cut, juiced, and the water extracted by a vacuum process insuring that the temperature of the product is at no time higher than blood temperature. After being reduced to powder, it is refrigerated at from 5_ to 20_ below zero. When the powder is finally  tableted, the moisture content in the surrounding room must be largely eliminated. As the tablets are bottled a vacuum is drawn in the bottle, nitrogen replacing the oxygen to insure maximum preservation. No refrigeration is necessary until the bottle is opened, after which it should be kept either in the refrigerator or a freezing compartment.

All of this careful treatment is for the sole purpose of retaining in Springreen as many as possible of the original live nature nutritive factors.


When you take Springreen you complete the triangle we talked about earlier. Summarizing, the first thing we recommend is aiding to clean the body on the inside, with the Montmorillonite Detoxificant and Intestinal Cleanser team. Secondly, eat more natural foods, including as many live, raw organically grown foods as possible. Thirdly, use Springreen to supply deficiencies, if any, resulting from consumption of de-vitalized, fractionalized, or fragmented foods. For your bloodstream, and to help Nature build a more healthy body, the above three recommendations are designed as a definite nutritional program.



Do it yourself programs to get you squeaky clean!
You can use our products to naturally skyrocket your personal health and energy.

Here's a review of the simple 3-step handling for a low-energy, toxic, nutrient-starved body:

1. Get and keep the body clean on the inside
2. Begin a natural food diet with 50% or more raw foods.
3. Fulfill deficiencies from "empty calorie" foods with natural whole food concentrate vitamins.
For many of us, this simple plan could mean a big lifestyle change.  We have 10 Perfect Programs, each professional researched and designed to meet your exact needs at various times. Start gradually and work your way towards feeling wonderful,with an easy, do-it-yourself cleansing program.

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Natural health products and supplements, nutritional and dietary supplements to meet all your needs for vibrant health and abundant energy!

Galaxy Nutrients are 100% natural vitamins (90% of the vitamins on the market today are not). They contain no synthetic ingredients that clog the body. Each nutritional product has been carefully analyzed, rated and selected for its exceptional quality and "biological activity." That's right! Our ingredients are real, natural and alive!

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