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In Natural Food and Farming for July 1959, the official magazine of Natural Food Associates of Atlanta, Texas, we find on page 5 , a very pertinent article by Joe D. Nichols, M.D., President of the N.F.A. The first portion of this article reads:

"Writing in the American Journal. of Chnical Nutrition for May-June, 195 8, Thaddeus D. Labacki, M.D., F.A.C.P., makes the statement that "the contemporary American diet, a peculiar by-product of civilization and the socio-economics of our culture, is pernicious to the cardio-vascular system not only because of its excess in calories, lipids, and cholesterol but also because it tends to be quite high in salt and in empty calories; i.e., calories derived from highly processed refined carbohydrates and fats (particularly animal fats and hydrogenated saturated vegetable fats), foods rich in energy but low in essential nutrients. Hence, the American diet, despite its high caloric level, is frequently inadequate, both relatively and absolutely, in specific vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, and amino acids. It is this acquired "rich" and unbalanced diet that, by altering cholesterol-lipid-liprotein metabolism, creates the decisive prerequisites on a mass scale for the ready genesis of atherosclerosis in the American population."

"In the Journal of the American Medical Association of May 16, 1959, Dr. Philip A. Boyer, Jr., et al states that heart disease continues to be the number one cause of death in the United States and that the rate appears to be increasing rather than decreasing. Equally disturbing is the fact that atherosclerosis, the forerunner of coronary artery disease in 97% of the cases, is no longer solely a disease of the aged. Autopsy studies on soldiers with an average age of 22 years, who were killed in the Korean War, showed atherosclerosis to be present in 77% of the cases. Among adults in the United States, at least, the question is not who has atherosclerosis, but rather who has more and who has less.

"Mildred Schroeder, writing in the San Francisco Examiner, June 7, 1959, tells the story of Dr. Halterman, the dentist, who asserted 'the American Diet is ridiculous.' He decided the only way to obtain proper nutrition was to grow his own food, so he moved to the country and became an organic farmer.

"Doctors and dentists are beginning to learn the importance of good nutrition. The million dollar smear campaign started last year to dub organic farmers as faddists and quacks is backfiring. The merchants of death are finding increasing resistance to their phoney advertising of worthless foods."

Daily evidence piles up and we continue to obtain the backing of more patriotic and authoritative Americans willing to brave the wrath of self constituted "experts," chemical industry and food processor propagandists .,.,,ho are able to overwhelm less vocal doctors and scientists.

The two quotes above are in direct contradiction to some of the soothing claims emanating from certain chemical industries and food processor hiring or -called authorities who persistently try to allay public alarm over our national health problems by such statements as:

  • "We are the best fed nation on earth."
  • "We are the healthiest nation on earth."
  • "Food has nothing to do with disease."
  • "The quality of the soil has nothing to do with the quality of the foods grown thereon."
  • "Man 'Can do nothing with the soil to change the quality of a product grown thereon, he can only affect the quantity."

We bring you the above quotation from the article of Dr. Nichols, and our comments thereon, in accordance 'with our policy of keeping distributors informed as to current matters of nutritional interest. Some so-called authorities may disagree with one or more of the statements in the article, for example, opinions expressed as to the inadequacy of the American diet, relationship of diet to incidence of heart ailments, particularly atherosclerosis, and advantages of organic farming. However, we consider Dr. Nichols to be a reliable expert in his field. In any event, reporting of his article and our comments thereon shall not be construed as a claim or representation that our products constitute a cure, ameliorative, or palliative for any specific condition mentioned.

V.E. Irons, Inc. by V Earl Irons

P.S. It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.
This article is a reprint from an April 17, 1961, V.E. Irons, Inc. Newsletter Even though some of the facts might be outdated, this article shows the concern for America's worsening eating habits. The concerns expressed are as relevent today, if not more so, than at the time of this article. Unfortunately, we are still being bombarded with the same old propaganda. However, a trickle of light is being seen in the last few years whereby there is a slight shift to Natural ways.

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