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Important Information on Nutritional Concentrates
Manufactured and/or Distributed by
Galaxy Nutrients
The Cyberspace Division of
Biotrophic Nutrients Corporation
P.O. Box 1208 , Clearwater, Florida 33757-1208

Most of the vitamins distributed and/or manufactured by Galaxy Nutrients should be chewed when they are taken if the substance is not already in a capsule or liquid form. As in eating a natural food, assimilation starts in the mouth. Therefore when a natural food nutritional concentrate supplement is taken is should be treated the same as food. By this method of taking vitamins/supplements you are sure to get the most out of their content.

Because of the enzyme action in the mouth the process of assimilation of our natural vitamins is immediate. We feel that when a specific vitamin- supplement program is indicated, Springreen tablets-regular or fortified (these are our multiple vitamin and trace mineral products) should always be a part of any and every particular program. Springreen tablets will serve as a basis with helpful synergists (co-factors that help the body use the products maximumally) to the action of the rest of a personalized vitamin/supplement program.

We always recommend that a proper diet should be followed along with our vitamins/supplements. In the event that the diet cannot be followed properly, Springreen tablets will be found invaluable in supplying the necessary nutritional factors. Many times you will note the potency listed for our vitamins may not be as high as you will find in the synthetic vitamins. The reason for this is that our potency is based on the clinical effect on humans (clinical potency) rather than its effect on test animals (rat unit potency).

The U.S. Department of Agriculture in their 1939 year book stated: "No one animal will do to represent the reactions of all animals, including human beings; nor can it be said positively that because one kind of animal reacts thus and so in a given experiment , other kinds of animals will react in the same manner; or because one kind of animal needs such and such an amount of a given nutrient, therefore other kinds of animals need a proportionate amount. All such conclusions must be tested directly on the other animals." It is just as unscientific to test a vitamin for human use on a rat as it would be to feed a baby clover hay because it was a good food for a young guinea pig. Heart graph recordings often show specific improvement in ten minutes after the administration of the natural complexes of vitamins B, C, G, E and F where deficiency of one or more of these vitamins have produced damage. No other test is necessary to establish the effectiveness of the natural concentrates.

Through extensive research, we have found no synthetic imitation of the natural vitamin of value in these tests in any dosage possible to use. When enough is given to have any effect, the effect is to make the patient worse instead of better. An overdose of a natural vitamin complex is not harmful. On the other hand an overdose of a chemically pure "vitamin" may produce harmful effects.

For those of you wanting the "inside scoop" on this fascinating subject- We highly recommend Judith DeCava's book: The Real Truth about Vitamins and Antioxidants.
Vitamins that are in our food must be associated with their natural synergists before they can be properly utilized in our system. These synergists may be composed of enzymes, other vitamin factors or minerals or a combination of vitamins and minerals. Springreen tablets, for instance, contain the known vitamins and trace minerals, in addition to the unknown factors which are not yet isolated but which are present in natural food nevertheless. Scientific analysis shows Springreen tablets also to have a complete trace mineral pattern. This is obviously why its use has given such startling results. Many times people will take Springreen tablets for a precaution against disease, thus building up a natural healthy state of normal tissue quality and resistance.

Today when proper nutrition is almost impossible to get because of the synthetic and devitalized foods, most everyone needs a nutritional reinforcement to protect them. There are many types of vitamins and minerals being sold today. However, Biotrophic Nutrients Corporation is one of the only companies that makes a complete selection of true biologically active natural vitamin/food concentrates available. The materials that go into the products we provide are cold-processed by patented methods. By these methods, the addition of heat is avoided and all of the vitamins and enzymes are preserved. Any process of sterilization that uses heat would destroy enzymes, certain proteins and vitamins at temperatures as low as 60 degrees centigrade.

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