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Nourish your organs to function with ease

What is a CMG? (CytoMorphoGen)
Cytomorpogen Cell Extracts

What is a CMG?

A CMG can be thought of as the "gland salts"---the exact mineral patterns of a particular gland.

CMGs include these naturally inherent mineral salts.

Although the organic salts constitute only a comparatively small amount of the body--- about 5%, they hold, nevertheless, the key to nearly all the material manifestations of life, they are the builders of sound and normal cells and tissues, giving them their firmness and form.

Specifically, the concept of  cytomorphogen was originally termed "protomorphogen" by Royal Lee.  Cytomorphogen is the part of the chromosome in the nucleus of a cell that establishes/generates/produces the first protein form of each new cell in growth and repair.

Cytomorphogen is the primary organizer of protein structure in all gland and organ cells.

It is necessary to direct the metabolic process of all living tissues. It is mineral salt in its nature.

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Cell Extract

The products of this showroom are a very special type of cell extract called a Cytomorphogen.

Generally before serious illness occurs with the physical body, symptoms appear. They are usually physical symptoms and manifest as tiredness, muscle weakness, nasal congestion, menstrual difficulties, emotional disturbance, etc·

These symptoms have to do with the unbalanced nature of the glands and the correction of these problems lies not in drugs, but in NUTRITION to Restore the Normal Functioning of the Health Compromised Glands.

Glandular Maintenance and Repairing
When the body is under stress---
whether spiritual/mental, biochemical/nutritional or structural---or even when functioning normally, Its glands and organs, like any other part of the body, must be nutritionally replenished.

These glands and organs perform special functions---functions requiring special nutrients to use not only for normal tissue maintenance but also as tools in the execution of its glandular mission. These specific nutrients include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones and other intracellular components. They are either provided in many of our foods or may be supplemented.

When supplementing, animal gland protein components may provide these nutrients in their already cell specific forms, to aid in maintaining and repairing similar glandular tissues in the human body.

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