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M e t a b o l i s m   S e c r e t s
What exactly makes the body " tick"?       How to function with pleasure and ease!
Secrets for a Great Metabolism

Secrets for a Great Metabolism

Nutrition defined, as stated by the renowned world famous nutrition expert, Royal Lee, DDS:

"Nutrition, as we would define the term, includes all of the natural biochemical factors, which for any reason affect the integrity of the cells of the body.

Virchow, the "father of pathology" (pathology is the science of disease), said that the study of disease begins with the cell!

Nutrition, nature's main bulwark (defensive wall) against disease, therefore must, by definition, be at the cell level!

The subject of Nutrition must include not only all of the nutrients which are needed by these cells for normal function and repair, but also the substances, which interfere with the cell's normal metabolism."

Metabolism, simply stated, refers to the sum of all the physical and chemical processes by which the living organized human substance is produced and maintained--- called anabolism or building up, and also the transformation by which energy is made available for the uses of the organism--- called catabolism or breaking down.

The Secret for a Great Metabolism: Provide EVERYTHING that is NEEDED NORMALLY To get The HUMAN ORGANISM GOING· Make sure all nutrient factors are present and All enzymes that drive the nutrients through The process of metabolism are present and be sure plenty of oxygen is provided. Oxygen is what ignites the entire metabolism combustion. Breathe and exercise. And if you're needed extra oxygen deep into your tissues---ADD Homozone- the most effective powdered oxygen formula available-since 1898!

How do I ENSURE I have all The necessary enzymes to drive my metabolism?
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Metabolism Secrets Benefits

The products of this category are very unique in that they focus on providing the "Essential Fundamental Needs" most commonly missing-for Healthy Cell Metabolism!

What is Meant by Cell Metabolism? To answer this question satisfactorily, first, one must understand a bit about a term called "Protoplasm"

Dorlands Medical Dictionary Defines Protoplasm:

Protoplasm is from Greek-protos, first and Greek-plasma-plasm or formative substance

Plasm is the term used for the hereditary substance that is passed on from the germ (from the ova and sperm cells) cell in which the human organism originates, and to the new germ cells of succeeding generations.

By this plasma substance, new human organisms are produced and hereditary qualities are transmitted. Since this is the "first" formed substance, it has been called the "proto"plasm.

Protoplasm specifically refers to the Translucent colloid (a colloid is a liquid in which a type of matter is dispersed throughout -it could be thought of as some type of a liquified matter) and water substance that makes up the essential material of ALL plant and animal cells.

Protoplasm is the living "playdough" of human form. It can be altered and improved in its physical manifestation to varying degrees and within certain parameters, depending on certain variables, including the knowledge, abilities and disciplines of it's occupant. It deteriorates over time.

As observed, the rate of deterioration of the human protoplasm is especially increased in the absence of certain factors and increased in the presence of certain stressors.

This living "matter" called protoplasm is composed mainly of:

1. Water
2. Protein
a. Nucleic Acids (the genetic proteins contained in the Nucleus of cells)
b. Protein molecules that make up all the other cells, tissues, organs and systems of the human organism.

Protein is required by all cells in the form of amino acids. There are 22 amino acids that make up the "building blocks" of all these proteins. Amino acids are the structural unit of proteins.

3. Lipids (fats)
Fats in the body are in the form of triglycerides, cholesterol and phospholipids. Fatty acids make up the "building blocks" of all these fats. These are known as the Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs. EFAs come from vegetable oils such as wheat germ oil, flaxseed oil, safflower oil, etc...

4. Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are required by all cells in the form of glucose. They provide "fuel" for the cells.

5. Inorganic Salts

This living "matter" is naturally biochemically activated via:

1. Enzymes-Enzymes are living activity units. They are protein substances which activate, speed up or catalyze chemical reactions.

In the human organism there are three main types of more than 5000 different enzymes.

These three types are:

1. Food enzymes-those contained in the raw food
2. Digestive enzymes-those produced by our internal digestive organs
3. Metabolic enzymes-those produced by various cells of the body for some purpose related to cellular metabolism
2. Coenzymes
a. Vitamins-in their biological or active forms
b. Minerals-including Major and Trace Minerals

Simply So
As the human protoplasm matures, it's original two cells, multiply and divide, achieving an incredible quantity of organized cells---of varying types with varying specialized functions.

In all, the human body is composed of between 75-100 trillion cells. One billion cells per hour must be replaced...24 billion cells per day, which require all the known elements of nutrition!

Cell division or cell reproduction, allows cells to keep young, and also is necessary for the repair and replacement of tissues, as stresses take their toll on the physical body, in general wear and tear.

Healthy Cell reproduction is DEPENDENT on a
Healthy Metabolism!

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