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N a t u r e ' s   A n t i o x i d a n t s
Be safe - protect your body's cells !
How Do Antioxidants Protect?

Springreen Natural Active Cod Liver Oil 1 pint  liquid
Springreen Natural Active Cod Liver Oil 1 pint liquid
Our Price: $23.63

Grandma was right, after all! The benefits from our 100% pure, natural "old fashion" Cod Liver Oil are NOT MET from any other substitute. The famous Price-Pottenger Foundation analyzed 20 different brands of Cod Liver Oil- Springreen's was THE ONLY one that showed a high ACTIVITY FACTOR!!! High in antioxidant vitamin A and an excellent source for D (needed for bone and joint health!). For the utmost in cell protection, and rich in Essential Fatty Acids, a vital substance we are often deficient in---this is a MUST for all of us. A little of this goes a long way. more info
Springreen Wheat Germ Oil 120 gel capsules
Springreen Wheat Germ Oil 120 gel capsules
Our Price: $24.35

Recognized as the BEST SOURCE of Vitamin E, our Wheat Germ Oil capsules are a 100% all-natural blend of the finest grade flash cold processed wheat germ oil and flax seed oil-rich in antioxidants. The oil is so fresh, many of our customers love to crack the capsule open to enjoy the "nutty" pleasant wheat and flax taste of these uniquely fresh oils. This fine quality in a capsulized "whole food" oil is rare to come by---definitely try this one. Refrigerated after opening. more info
How Do Antioxidants Protect Me?

The Antioxidants you are
currently taking, MAY NOT be
giving you the PROTECTION
you hoped for· Read on-

What is an Antioxidant Really?

ANTI means Against
Oxidant means oxidation-the combining
with Oxygen that starts a
chemical chain reaction.

Antioxidants are protective agents for the more complex and living functional parts of a vitamin complex.

Antioxidants are only a part, a fraction, of a vitamin complex, present to serve as a means of preventing or inhibiting oxidation (combining with oxygen which causes breakdown).

Thus, antioxidants prevent rancidity of oils or fats or the deterioration of other materials which would occur through the oxidative process.

Whole wheat berries, for example will keep much longer if the kernels are not broken or ground to flour.

The natural oils, rich in Vitamin E complex, once exposed to oxygen in the air as well as light, will within hours begin to break down in the natural process of rancidity.

What slow this process from being immediate is the presence of the tocopherols --- antioxidants --- protecting the Vitamin E complex.

When any oil or fat is rancid, fat-soluble vitamins, such as E, retinol (vitamin A), carotenes (provitamin A), etc., have also been destroyed.

Antioxidants curtail this vitamin destruction, but once oxidation advances, the antioxidant can no longer protect its precious nutrient.

Using antioxidants alone as nutritional supplements means ingesting fractions, isolated substances, not whole complexes.

It would be like eating the peel of a banana without the banana, or like eating the shell of a nut without the nut meat. The peel and the shell serve an important role, but like antioxidants, they are only the protective, preservative outer layer of the highly-nutritive food complex.

Making matters worse, most commercial antioxidants are synthesized, produced in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

"Natural' fractions are better than synthetic, but, nevertheless, neither are vitamin complexes functionally.

A whole food vitamin complex provides the desired "antioxidant" nutrient, such as Vitamin A in Natural Cod Liver Oil, or Vitamin C in Natural Berry and Orange Vitamin C, or Vitamin E left in its whole food Wheat GERM oil form.

For optimal cellular nourishment and protection we endorse the approach of taking the living biologically active whole food vitamin complex "Antioxidants".

(Excerpted with permission from Judith DeCava's brilliant book, The Real Truth About Vitamins and Antioxidants)

To read more on how to
obtain truly living
biologically active

Antioxidant Benefits

Anti means: against
Oxidants refers to: oxidation
Oxidation means: chemical interaction with oxygen

Antioxidants are substances which
protect our cells "against" unwanted
chemical interaction with oxygen.

The antioxidant agents most popular
today are often called the "ACES".

A for Vitamin A or Beta-carotene
C for Vitamin C
E for Vitamin E
S stands for the mineral Selenium

The most important question to
ask when selecting your antioxidant

Is this a Natural whole food complex
of A, C or E?

The Fact is: Few formulas today are!

Few people realize the significance

Natural A complex vs. beta-carotene
Natural C complex vs. ascorbic acid
Natural E complex vs. alpha tocopherol or mixed tocopherols

Galaxy Nutrients features the three ideal
sources for A, C and E complex:

Springreen's Cod liver oil is THE
superior source for natural vitamin
A complex (and D complex)

Springreen's Vitamin C is THE
superior source for natural C complex-
it contains Acerola Berry
and Spanish wild orange

Springreen's Wheat Germ Oil is tops
when it comes to obtaining a natural
whole food form of E complex

Protect your family's cells-
START them on these three
high bioavailable winners TODAY!

$12.00 1 pint liquid- G3005 Springreen Cod Liver Oil
$12.50 120 Tablets- G3003 Springreen Natural Source Vitamin C
$12.00 120 Capsules- G3002 Springreen Wheat Germ Oil

Our customers are always happy with these-
We want you to receive the health benefits
of these unique high quality products
-no other compare-
***Special Introductory Offer for New Customers

G3003 Springreen Vitamin C!
Our very popular Tasty Chewable Natural Vitamin C

For those of you who wish to
understand further----
Why to emphasize whole food
source antioxidants?

Judith DeCava explains this most
excellently in her brilliant book-
The Real Truth about Vitamins
and Antioxidants.

FREE-Click here to receive
a copy from her chapter on Antioxidants.
A very refreshing look at the popular
topic of Antioxidants.
What is it all about, really?

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