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P o w e r   U p !   N a t u r a l   B' s   &   E n z y m e s
Is your body missing these two needed basics?

Why do these enzymes make me feel so great?

Springreen Enzymatic Supplement  Small 100 Tablets
Springreen Enzymatic Supplement Small 100 Tablets
Our Price: $21.98

A handy backup product for those with stubborn digestive conditions. Excellent for long term digestive enzyme deficiencies. more info
Springreen Pro-Gest 120 tablets
Springreen Pro-Gest 120 tablets
Our Price: $38.10

This product is for those who have difficulty with proteins and fats! It aids PROTEIN and FAT DIGESTION, helping persistent gas, belching, indigestion and heartburn NATURALLY. When taken with Cod liver Oil, (and any fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, and E) Progest will maximize its absorption. Works like a charm! We have carried this same product for 22 years---for thorough protein and fat digestion-no product compares! more info
Springreen Enzymatic Supplement Large 250 Tablets
Springreen Enzymatic Supplement Large 250 Tablets
Our Price: $43.54

Same as G3010 above but in a convenient economical, large 250 count bottle more info

Why Do These Enzymes Make Me Feel So Great?

"I have no desire to take anything else besides these---they are the BEST supplements I've ever taken---the best on the planet! I've taken a lot of supplements and these are THE BEST!"

-L.M.-Sacramento, CA

Our special Enzymes are Natural Food enzymes---extracts of actual live food items--- NOT the synthetic man-made in a laboratory chemical enzymes.

Use these amazing living substances to jump start your life! Invigorate your cells with the power of enzymes.

What exactly are enzymes?

Enzymes are special energy molecules. Enzymes are the spark of life in all living systems- Without them, life would not exist. Although the action of enzymes, much like electricity, cannot be seen, it is THE DRIVING force behind virtually all life processes!

The human body gets its enzymes from two sources: those it makes and those it ingests through natural UNCOOKED food.

If you steam, bake, roast, broil, stir-fry, saute, stew, can, pasteurize or even microwave your food, all the food enzymes are destroyed.

Every person that desires high survival must adjust to a lifestyle that includes daily

replenishment of the body's enzyme reserves. A totally raw food diet is the best answer, but is generally not practical for most people.

Begin transitioning to more raw living food. If you eat cooked food, make it a point to furnish your body with the enzymes it needs.

Should everyone take enzymes? In today's lifestyle, Yes! In fact, Enzymes are one of the most popular supplements taken today!

There are many types of enzymes on the market. Different enzyme products support different needs. Not all enzyme supplements are produced from natural food sources.

Galaxy Nutrients carries a selection of the top most popular enzyme products.

We can hardly keep enough in our warehouse!

Our huge sellers are as follows:
#1 Powerzymes-fabulous!!!
#2 Veg-Enzymes-Great for those wanting an all vegetable product
#3 Progest-In addition to one of the above, also take Progest, if you are prone to having difficulty digesting Fats.

Digest the most out of the food you're eating -Take these whenever you eat cooked or processed food-- Feel the Difference!

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Natural B's and Enzymes

Chemical Stress to your body includes: dieting, cooked, refined, processed foods, smoking, caffeine consumption, sugar, excessive alcohol, the use of oral contraceptives, the list goes on and on·

Your Best Form of Insurance·

  1. Eat foods rich in vitamins and enzymes---- two of the most widespread deficiencies today.
  2. Consider a balanced Natural B Complex supplement and Take High Quality Natural enzymes anytime you eat cooked, refined or processed foods, for extra insurance!

Warning Signs and Symptoms Of B Complex and Enzyme Depletion:

B Complex Deficiency: If you regularly feel groggy or low there could be dozens of reasons why. Topping the list, most health experts agree, it may be that you are not consuming enough B vitamins, either from food or through the PROPER kind of TRUE NATURAL B Supplements.

Our bodies cannot exist without the small fine particles found ONLY in NATURAL FOODS, referred to as "B vitamins".

You need B vitamin replenishment daily since your body does not manufacture them nor store them.

From many reliable textbooks, such as: Biochemistry by Kleiner and Orten, Principles of Biochemistry by White, Textbook of Medicine by Cecil and Rehabilitation through Better Nutrition By Tom Spies, MD, we find an abundance of information pointing to the signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

The B Complex Deficiency signs and symptoms:

  1. weakness and fatigue
  2. indigestion
  3. decreased appetite
  4. craving for sweets
  5. nerve pain or inflammation
  6. muscular soreness
  7. headache
  8. difficulty sleeping
  9. dizziness
  10. nervousness
  11. mental confusion
  12. impaired intellect
  13. hypochondria
  14. noise hallucinations
  15. noise sensitivities
  16. instability
  17. forgetfulness
  18. vague fears
  19. abnormal fears
  20. uneasiness
  21. rage
  22. hostility
  23. depression
  24. anxiety

The value of the Vitamin B Complex, as verified in countless authoritative research references, is needed to support:

  1. the brain and the rest of the nervous system
  2. nervous, mental and emotional function
  3. energy production
  4. digestion
  5. elimination
  6. blood sugar or carbohydrate metabolism
  7. blood building factors (healthy red blood cells)
  8. the liver
  9. the kidneys
  10. the hormone gland system
  11. normal growth and development
  12. maintenance of the genetic code of the cells
  13. cell division
  14. maintenance of eye tissue
  15. protein and fat metabolism

The best sources of Natural B vitamins are: Liver, Rice Bran and Brewers Yeast.

Enzyme Deficiency:

Good digestion DEPENDS on adequate Enzymes. In fact, every life process depends on the actions of enzymes that control the fueling and energy output of each cell in the body.

Bodies rich in enzymes function at their best with high energy levels and full powers of disease resistance.

One out of every three North Americans suffer from some type of gastrointestinal disorder. Official statistics reveal that more are hospitalized each year due to diseases and disorders of the digestive system than ANY OTHER GROUP of disorders!

Numerous signals warn us of Unsatisfactory Digestion:

  1. stomach bloating after meals
  2. burping or gas
  3. loss of appetite
  4. abnormal increased appetite
  5. dependency on antacids
  6. dependency on laxatives
  7. stomach pain
  8. ulcers
  9. black stools or blood in stools
  10. cramping
  11. diarrhea
  12. constipation or hard stools
  13. intolerance to greasy foods
  14. pain in side under rib cage
  15. heartburn
  16. headache
  17. dry skin or hair

Healthy normal digestion depends On adequate Enzymes! Enzymes are little units of Activity- "sparks of life" that make the reactions of the body active! In fact, without enzymes----life activity ceases.

There are only 2 signs considered by science as "the signs of life": Enzyme activity and Nerve impulse.

The best sources of enzymes are: RAW, uncooked food-(Cooking destroys enzyme activity) and Natural food enzyme supplements (made from the enzyme factors extracted from foods)

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