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Thymus Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets
Thymus Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets
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Thymus Cell
Nucleus Extract

Science tell us it is the cell nucleus that contains the first organizer of the protein structural form generated in normal cell growth and repair. The first organizer form generated is that fraction of the chromosome of the cell which catalyzes the synthesis of new cell protein in growth and repair. (Reference: Protomorphology by Hanson and Lee)

Thymus Cell Nucleus Extract is a mineral product of the Thymus Gland Cell Nucleus. It is a tissue extract intended to supply the specific determinant factors of the above mentioned organ and to aid in improving t he local nutritional environment for that organ.

Thymus Gland Anatomy and Physiology
The Thymus Gland and the Immune System
(Latin, immunis-free, exempt)
The Immune system is the system that helps protect the body from unwanted invading influences and unwanted microbial growths. It is our Defense system.

Spleen, Thymus, Tonsils, Lymph Vessels and Fluid

Filtration of blood; production of white blood cells; protection against disease; return protein to Cardiovascular system.

The Thymus Gland
The thymus gland is a temporary organ which grows full size in the first few years of life and then gradually disappears as puberty comes. This gland works with the lymph system of the body. The gonads in males secrete testosterone and other hormones; the ovaries in females secrete the hormone estrogen. These two hormones become active at the time of puberty. The gonads play a large part in the growth of beards in boys and likewise, the ovaries cause the growth of breasts in girls, and they also maintain the reproductive function.

Our bodies live in a microbial bath; the air, the water, even our skins are alive with microorganisms that can invade and cause Infection. But the healthy body is rarely infected by unwanted harmful microorganisms, largely because of the work of the thymus gland.

The thymus directs the body's immunity, the system that tells "self"---the body's own cells- from "nonself"---unwanted bacterial forms, viruses, fungi, proteins and polypeptides, even cancerous cells.

The thymus is a spongy, pink-gray gland located in the chest just behind the breastbone. It is large in a newborn child, continues to grow until puberty, then shrinks in adulthood. While it is large the thymus produces the hormone thymosine, Which activates the specialized T cells that move out into the spleen, the lymph nodes and the bone marrow. T cells are crucial to the complex task of recognizing and then destroying outside unwanted invaders and substances.

In adulthood, the thymus, although no longer producing T cells, appears to secrete hormones that keep the T cells working.

Deterioration of the immune system can lead to frequent, even fatal infections. In addition, some diseases are apparently due to autoimmunity--- that is, the immune system malfunctions, mistaking self for nonself and attacking the body's own tissues. Autoimmunity is suspected in myasthenia gravis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and systemic lupus erythematosus, as well as other serious diseases.

Immunity is a vast subject.
When it is healthy, the body can defend itself against most invading organisms that may cause infection or disease. If invading infectious organisms make it through our skin or are not killed by enzymes in our saliva or tears, this defense system goes into action. Pain, swelling, and fever may be the signs of the battle against unwanted microorganisms, and infection or the healing of a tissue as in inflammation after damage has been done.

General Considerations
The homeopathic enzymatic extract of Thymus, Thymus Liquetrophic, is often effective where the glands fail to respond to Thymus Cell Extract. Generally, the Thymus Cell Extract is indicated in the younger patient, Thymus Liquetrophic in both young and old, as necessary.

Clinically Associated Conditions:
Nervous and Psychogenic

Underdeveloped children

Metabolic Disorders
Growth and Repair



Exogenic Disorders

Febrile Diseases
Virus Infections
Colds, flu, grippe, etc
Toxic Conditions
Gingivitis, etc.

Vascular Disorders

Bed Sores
Leg Ulcers

Skin Disorders
Dematitis, etc

Factors, Symptoms and Signs related to
Insufficient Thymus Gland Health
Clinical Considerations
Prominent Clinical Signs and Symptoms
Symptom Characteristics follow a pattern of resistance to stress, thus may arise following severe mental or physical stress.

1. Debilitating Diseases (Myasthenia gravis, muscular weakness, etc
2. Hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease)
3. Leukopenia

Possible Etiological Background:
It is now known that changes occur in thymus tissue during periods of stress, atrophy being observable. Autopsies on the healthy body---soldiers during World War II revealed a much larger thymus gland than was considered normal by prior methods taken largely on diseased bodies. Thymocytes---the thymus cell-resemble lymphocytes. These may breakdown in great numbers during illness and provide a mechanism for the immune reaction·closely related to the allergic reaction.

Nutritional Importances Aging-
One consequence of aging is a slow breakdown of the immune system resulting in increased infections and possibly even cancer. Experimental studies in animals indicate that thymus extract can enhance the immune system by increasing the number of T cells.

Frequent infections-
A siege of bacterial and viral infections may indicate that the immune system is working at less than full efficiency. Thymus glandular tissue feeding can help support normal physiology of immunological functioning and balance

Radiation exposure-
Animal studies demonstrate that thymus tissue extract can re-create immunity even after doses of radiation powerful enough to kill the all- important lymphoid tissue. The idea of thymus glandular feeding in cases of mild (sunbathing) to extreme radiation exposure has been applied in numerous cases.

Cancer-it may be that we contract cancer continually through our lives, but when we are young and the immune system is at its peak, cancer cells are recognized immediately and destroyed. In older people, by contrast, the immune system is less effective and cancer is more likely to become established. The idea of thymus feeding to support normal physiological functioning of the immune system has been applied in numerous cases.

The thymus gland stimulates healing and defense against bacterial invasions. (Promotes phagocytosis, lymphatic activity)

Thymus Cell Extract promotes phagocytosis in inflammatory conditions. Thymus glandular feeding is commonly used to support normal physiological needs in any inflammatory condition, acute or chronic and particularly for old or chronic lesions that have failed to respond to other approaches. This extends its usefulness in aborting boils, styes, carbuncles. Cooperates synergistically with Adrenal Cell Extract and Adrenal Liquetrophic.

Useful in thymic children with preponderance of lymphoid tissue to ensure nourishment needs are met for normal physiological functioning; with cretins, mongoloids and mentally retarded children--- cooperates synergistically with Brain Cell Extract and Brain liquetrophic.

Children who cannot tolerate milk and suffer with nausea may be afflicted with Viosterol toxemia. Thymus Cell Extract feeding has proved valuable antidote.

Dosage/Directions for use:
As a dietary supplement one-three tablets to be taken three times daily with each meal as directed.

Note: All Cell extracts should be taken as follows:
First week: 1 per day taken with the largest meal
Second week: 2 per day taken one after lunch and one after dinner
Third week: 3 per day taken one after each meal.

*In all cases of providing Cell Extract for nutritional factors, long term therapy should be stressed rather than acceleration of dosage

For maximum effectiveness Cell Extracts should be taken with 3-24+ Springreen greens tablets. This supplies an excellent array of all needed organic minerals in the ideal natural form.

Each tablet supplies: 200 mg. Thymus Extract---of bovine source, calcium stearate and cellulose as tableting agents.

At least three weeks should be given before evaluating.

Side Effects:
Rare, but occurrence may be related to adrenal glands, indicating a need for Adrenal Cell Extract or Adrenal Liquetrophic.

Natural Vitamin A Complex
(Cod Liver oil is best source)
Activity contributed to:
Epithelial, Connective and Mucous Membrane

Natural Vitamin C Complex with P
Activity contributed to:
Tissue Integrity

Calcium Lactate
Activity contributed to:
Ionizable calcium

Pituitary Liquetrophic
Activity contributed to:
Trophic Influence on Endocrines

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