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Prostate Cell Nucleus Extract - 90 tablets
Prostate Cell Nucleus Extract - 90  tablets
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Product Code: G7009

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Prostate Cell
Nucleus Extract

Science tell us it is the cell nucleus that contains the first organizer of the protein structural form generated in normal cell growth and repair. The first organizer form generated is that fraction of the chromosome of the cell which catalyzes the synthesis of new cell protein in growth and repair. (Reference: Protomorphology by Hanson and Lee)

Prostate Cell Nucleus Extract is a mineral product of the Prostate Gland Cell Nucleus. It is a tissue extract intended to supply the specific determinant factors of the above mentioned organ and to aid in improving t he local nutritional environment for that organ.

Prostate Gland Anatomy and Physiology
The male counterparts to the female glands are the testes, which are located in the scrotal sac, and the prostate, which lies at the base of the bladder surrounding the urethra.

The chief testicular hormone is testosterone. As estrogen works in the woman, so testosterone works in the man, producing and maintaining male characteristics like increased muscle mass, facial and body hair, a deep voice, and heavier bones. Testosterone also prompts the development of sperm cells within the testes and is central to male fertility.

The prostate , while not strictly an endocrine gland, is important to fertility. It synthesizes most of the fluids, buffers and enzymes in semen, which are necessary for delivering vital spermatozoa to the receptive ovum inside the woman's reproductive system.

Sexual response and fertility in the man depend largely on the male glands. If the production of testosterone decreases, the sex drive diminishes and infertility may result. This problem occurs in some aging men. Older men are also subject to prostate problems, and the prostate is a likely site of cancer in men seventy and over.

As with women, the male sex glands are likely to be the first endocrines to be affected by poor diet. A common result of severe malnutrition, for example is sterility.

Factors, Symptoms and Signs related to Insufficient Prostate Health Clinical Considerations:
Prominent Clinical Signs and Symptoms
Symptom characteristics: Associated with the hypermetabolic clinical picture, irritability, instability and hypersensitivity being characteristic. Symptoms referable to prostate:

Low back pain
Leg pains
Loss of libido

Possible Etiological Background of the above:
Our impression is that the etiological background involves the thyroid gland, probably associated with a hyperactivity normally occurring with the aging processes, but attended with loss of integrity of the thyroid hormones produced. Hyperthyroidism is associated with hypertrophy and fibrosis and Vitamin F Complex is known to aid in normalizing thyroid function.

Laboratory Test Need Shown By:
a. Urinary 17-Ketosteroids Slightly diminished
b. Serum Acid Phosphatase (May be elevated in carcinoma of prostate with metastasis to bone)

Clinical Test Revealing Factors:
Physical Examination Positive palpation findings

Clinically Associated Conditions:
Male Disorders
Prostate Disease

Nutritional Importances:
Prostate cell extract is an important addition to the nutritional needs of the prostate gland and should always be considered when addressing the prostate. Particularly effective when use in conjunction with Vitamin F complex (Fatty Acid Liquetrophic). The common occurrence of Prostate disorders in older men shows enough possibilities to recommend Prostate support throughout life. For further information see pages 586-591, Practical Endocrinology, by Harrower.

Proper Male glandular feeding can stimulate the production of sperm cells, increasing the sperm count and the man's reproductive ability.

Depressed libido or impotence-
Sexual dysfunction is sometimes caused by underproduction of testosterone. Glandular tissue can be of help in restoring deficient testes to normal function, by providing the normal nutrients needed to support normal physiological function.

Prostate problems-
Male glandular tissue can help nourish the prostate gland. Prostate problems such as swelling and closing of the urethra commonly plague older men.

Athletic training-
Although the use of synthetic male hormones is outlawed by amateur athletic federations, these drugs have been taken by athletes who want to build strength and muscle mass. The side effects, however can be dangerous, including circulatory damage and suppression of the normal function of the adrenals and testes. Male glandular tissue feeding combined with Adrenal Liquetrophic provides important long term benefits without the dangers and drawbacks. We ALWAYS add plenty of Springreen tablets to the athletes program also!

Dosage/Directions for use:
As a dietary supplement one-three tablets to be taken three times daily with each meal as directed.

Note: All cell extracts should be taken as follows:

First week: 1 per day taken with the largest meal
Second week: 2 per day taken one after lunch and one after dinner
Third week: 3 per day taken one after each meal.

*In all cases of providing cell extracts for nutritional factors, long term therapy should be stressed rather than acceleration of dosage

Note: For maximum effectiveness cell extracts should be taken with 3-24+ Springreen greens tablets. This supplies an excellent array of all needed organic minerals in the ideal natural form.

Each tablet supplies: 200 mg. Prostate Extract---of bovine source, calcium stearate and cellulose as tableting agents.

Depends upon synergists employed and chronicity and acuteness of the case. Less favorable with venereal history.

Side Effects:
None known

a. Vitamin F Complex
(Fatty Acid Liquetrophic and
Wheat Germ Oil with Flax)
Activity Contributed to:
Iodine synergists

b. Adrenal Liquetrophic
Activity Contributed to:
Trophic Influence on Endocrines
Local nutritional environment of cells

c. Pituitary Liquetrophic
Activity Contributed to:
Trophic Influence on Endocrines
Local nutritional environment of cells

d. Thyroid Liquetrophic or Thyroid Cell Extract
Activity Contributed to:
Trophic Influence on Endocrines
Local nutritional environment of cells

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