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Perfect Pre-Primer Cleanse – 14 Day Supply
Perfect Pre-Primer Cleanse – 14 Day Supply
Our Price: $115.22

Product Code: G3001-1

Pre-Cleanse 2: The Pre-Primer Program

How easy is it?
This Cleanse Level is Very Easy

What is it?
This Cleanse has a very light schedule. It gives a "cleansing newcomer" the chance to start getting some results on a very easy transition and learn more about effective nutrition, health and cleansing particulars before moving on to the more advanced cleanses The Pre-Cleanse 2 Program uses two key supplements that are taken five times per day. In the beginning you start at the lower quantities and then you work up to the level that meets your personal needs.

G3001 Springreen Tablets
3-40 tablets , 5 times per day

G3006 Springreen Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets
1-3 tablets, 5 times per day

What will it do?

By following this program what can I expect to feel?

On The Pre-Cleanse 2 / Pre-Primer Program, you will be giving your cells maximum energy with these #1 Real Protein and Energy Tablets.

Pre-Cleanse 2 is aimed at beginning to replenish your cells that have depleted nutrient reserves—this can easily result due to today’s excessive stress and devitalized diet. Once the cells are plentifully replenished, they will be "more willing" to "let go of old, toxic, useless stored waste and debris. Hence, the natural cleanse process in your cells will activate.

For an extra cleanse power boost that is so easy, its amazing - combine Program 0 or 1 WITH Pre-Cleanse 2. Especially perfect for those who travel alot or just about anyone who has a very business schedule , no extra time and yet wants to somehow get some extra powerful good cleansing benefits, irregardless!

After much experience, we are now careful to never underestimate the power of this Pre-Cleanse 2 Program, to detox the cells!

We have seen some people who try to take the higher quantities, too quickly and start detoxing so fast that they have to "back down" to just 3 tablets a day until some of the toxic material that they pulled out of their tissues, gets a chance to clear out of the blood stream through the body’s natural elimination channels. Then they were able to gradually work up to higher quantities again and maintain the high level very well. The moral of this story is that these tablets are the most potent on the market---so please gauge yourself. We recommend you start slowly and work your way up to the higher quantities, when you feel comfortable.

What will happen is that as a lot of the toxic tissue is clearing out, your body will gradually begin to handle higher quantities of nourishment and instead of shunting the nourishment into total cleansing---the extra nourishment will begin to be utilized for tissue repair and rebuilding and your metabolism will be able to increase in function…yes….more and more energy for you!

You do not have to take "100- 200" tablets per day---most people have reported feeling best at the ranges of 10-100 per day of the greens tablets . It just depends on what condition your body is in and what you are desiring to accomplish. Some people move into the higher quantities because they prefer to use the greens as in-between meal snacks---some even take them as a meal! Works great for a quick low-calorie high quality energy pick up---wonderful for traveling too!

Be sure to drink plenty of water while on this program as well as ALL the programs. Six to Eight-8 ounce glasses per day is the absolute MINIMUM.

You will need high quality water, to receive maximum benefits.

Springreen Green Tablets and Beets are THE most active living whole food concentrates available. These are the originals and still remain the highest integrity.

No nutritional company has ever produced a product of a like kind that can truly compare to Springreen Green's and Beets.

These products are like a "miracle in a bottle".
Remember to carry them in your purse, briefcase, knapsack...wherever you go. Safeguard your body from the junk food world. Just pop a handful of Springreen in your mouth -- stay healthy and happy. No more sugar ups and downs!

How much does it cost?

A 14 day supply is $114.21 and includes:

1 bottle of G3001 Springreen Tablets
1 bottle of G3006 Beet Tablets

A 28 day supply is $228.42 and includes:

2 bottles of G3001 Springreen Tablets
2 bottles of G3006 Beet Tablets

In addition, depending on the quantities of green tablets you "work up" to taking, you may want to order additional bottles of G3001 Springreen Tablets. This varies from person to person. For some, 1 bottle of each is plenty enough for the first 14 days. There is no "right or wrong" pace--listen to yourself and do the approach you desire. However, regarding the Beet tablets, do not exceed the pace of 1 bottle of beets per each 14 days. The beets have a very direct effect on the liver and could produce uncomfortable detox symptoms if the quantity consumed is too much too fast.

If this appeals to you, get ready, you are in for a wonderful treat

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