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The Bodymaker
Perfect Program™ Cleanse 5: Springreen 7 Day Cleanse Kit

The Bodymaker<BR>Perfect Program&#0153 Cleanse 5: Springreen 7 Day Cleanse Kit
Our Price: $193.20

Product Code: G1005

Description Extended Information
This Cleanse level is intermediate.

If you're looking for a total detoxification program that doesn't pull any punches, read on about Cleanse 5. If you are a bit "seasoned" when it comes to health, nutrition, cleansing…then you may want the challenge of our Cleanse 5 Program. We really don’t recommend starting at this level unless you have plenty of background experience in the area of Natural Health OR if you have satisfactorily completed Level 2 , 3 or 4 and feel ready to move on.

"The Springreen 7 day - Irons Cleanse Program saved my life. It it weren't for him, I would have died seven years ago."
-George Shaffer, 79 years

"People are aging fast today- their own internal filth is killing them!
-Victor Irons, Founder Springreen Products Company
-Founding Father of National Health Federation

This program, in practice for over 60 years, is the first Intestinal cleanse program 'made-famous' in the United States,and Dr Betsy has stated, "It is still the finest most efficient colon cleansing program available"

Over 60 years of experience with fasts and cleansing has convinced us that each year the colon of the average American
becomes more distorted. We firmly believe that unless ALL the fecal matter is removed, no amount of drugs, operations, vitamins or food supplements (including ours) will rid the body of all chronic ailments. Therefore, the most important procedure directed toward regaining your health is COMPLETE and THOROUGH cleansing of the colon, no matter what or how long it takes. Behind this, in almost every situation exists a toxic overloaded Liver and Gall Bladder fatty buildup -- but, unless the colon gets COMPLETELY cleansed, Liver Gall Bladder flushing efforts will be "in vain".

A seven day fast should be a MUST for everyone at least two times per year (two to seven time, the first year). Scientists have found that certain tiny water animals, alternately fed one week and "starved" the next during their entire life, lived five times longer than those fed all the time. Moderate fasting/cleansing should be a routine procedure for everyone through out life in this "modern civilized" world.

Mr Irons was the very first to introduce a complete colon cleansing program to the U.S. public (as far back as the 1930's), even before it became popular. Great care and expense have gone into maintaining the "Life" in each Springreen product, where applicable. When you use Springreen products you are using the original products, the oldest is still the best!

The infamous late Dr Bernard Jensen, in his book,
Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, page 98,
calls this program"The Ultimate
Tissue Cleansing System
- Unlike any other system in cleansing and regenerating the body!"

For a Introductory Free Read of Dr Bernard Jensen's
Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management
Click Here

What is Cleanse 5: The Springreen 7 Day Intestinal Cleanse?

This is, without a doubt, the fastest, most thorough do-it-yourself cleanse available. Also known as the Springreen 7-day Cleansing Program, this cleanse allows your body to put up the "Do Not Disturb" sign for an entire week and rest. During this program, the glands and organs of the body used for digestion, assimilation and elimination essentially "get a break" from all their labor. You will experience a modified fast for a seven-day period while the body concentrates its energies on healing itself. If a fast sounds a little extreme, let us assure you, it is perfectly safe and your body will receive all the nourishment it needs.

Most everyone over twenty years of age has accumulated toxic material that should be eliminated. To understand this, there is a special literature kit available to you. These items of reading are must to get the full impact of what we are really talking about here. They form the foundation to the library of anyone truly interested in understanding the natural power and importance of cleansing to one's natural life.

This Cleanse literature kit $27.50 includes:

Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management by Dr Bernard Jensen $12.00
Colon Health by Norman Walker $10.00
The Destruction of your own Natural Protective Mechanism-VE Irons $2.00
Healthview Newsletter Issue #1 interview with VE Irons $2..00
Last Chance Health Report #10 interview with VE Irons $1.50
Plus shipping / handling (variable depending on location)

Click here to
Order Cleanse Literature Kit

This clay fast gives the digsitve system a needed rest. The process of elimination of dead and dying cells is speeded up, and the new cell growth is accelerated and stimulated. At the same time the toxic waste products that interfere with nourishment of the cells are eliminated.

The psyllium seed gives slippery adhesive bulk to help loosen and dig out the old congested, solidified fecal matter. Bentonite clay is a volcanic ash and it has the ability to hold to it any positively charged compound--like a magnet. This includes: poisons, bacteria, heavy metals and even radiation.

The montmorillonite liquid clay attracts and eliminates positively charged toxic acid debris contained in the intestines. Since Bentonite is not absorbed by the body, it passes out of the digestive system with any of the material that was attracted to its surface. It is a powerful and natural detoxifier.

According to Dorlands Medical dictionary, "various forms of clays have ben used in medicine, both externally and internally since the earliest times." Clay is remarkable in its ability to restore deficient organs and organic functions. It aids in fixing and assimilating elements which the body previously could not do. 3

Do you know what happens when you stop eating "regular" food for a full seven days?

Relax, you won't starve! The nutritional supplements --concentrated "foods" prescribed on Level 5 will keep your energy up throughout the 7-day period, while the body's energy is channeled to do some much-needed "house cleaning."

On Cleanse 5, toxic substances are literally pulled from all parts of the body and flushed out. This is why daily colonics or enemas during the Cleanse 5 are very important. Why? Because toxins that are pulled out of the system will be reabsorbed into the active bloodstream if they aren't removed quickly. This may result in a feeling of sluggishness, nausea, etc..Colonics or enemas work well for this purpose. Please read well the enema directions you will receive in your products kit. Read them a couple times until you understand the required steps. Then you are ready to begin

Contrary to the opinion of some fasting "authorities", the temporary use of the enema during a fast is not only desirable, but highly essential.

In addition to the instruction contained in your 7 day kit, Dr. Betsy has prepared a special e-information packet which discusses the subject of enemas, colemas and colonics.-to best understand your options. Most discover that these procedures are actually very workable. However, one should never feel forced in natural healing that they just do not feel ready for or just do not believe it is best for them to do so--for whatever reason. For those opposed to using these tools-she even has an alternative that is quite effective !

Upon request, we are happy to email this to you the e-information packet , on Enemas, Colemas and Colonics

To receive the FREE e-info pack:
Enemas, Colemas and Colonics
Click Here

If you have done little of no fasting in your life... and still wish to start at the Cleanse 5 , you may want to start out slowly. Do a 24-hour cleanse first. Then in a couple weeks do a 3 day cleanse. If you feel comfortable with the 3 day cleanse, try for 5, or 7 days, or repeat the 3-day cleanse until you feel comfortable with proceeding for a longer duration. However, cleansing for the full 7 days will provide maximum results.

What will the Seven Day Cleansing Program do---By following this program what can I expect to feel?
As toxins are flushed out, away goes sluggishness, nausea and all of the many negative effects these poisons have on the body. Soon, as you become free of body pain and illness, you'll notice that life becomes not only more bearable, but significantly better!

In terms of what to expect during your detoxification period, we can offer a few guidelines. Actually 60% of accumulated wastes will be released in the first seven days of your program, but complete healing and restoration of the body takes a number of years and breaks down into stages of 7-year increments. It will take the first seven years to completely rebuild the body in the following phases:
    • 1 day - 1 year Digestive cleansing-major fat deposits and calcifications removed
    • 1 - 2 year Deep tissue cleansing and joint cleansing
    • 2 - 5 years Bone structure, cartilage, and further joint cleansing
    • 5 - 6 years Organ re-positioning and renewal
    • 6 - 7 years Brain tissue and neurological cleansing

    Cleansing reactions may ensue as layer after layer is stripped away. But you will feel better and better as time passes. Due to the body's cellular intelligence, every part is affected by the whole. And, when one part is renewed, this leads to greater and greater integrity and harmony within the whole being.*

    *excerpt from The Hippocrates Health Program, by Brian R. Clement

    How much does it cost?

    The Springreen Intestinal Cleanse Kit is $193.20
    Included in the kit are the basic essentials to do the program:

    1 Bottle Springreen Tablets
    1 Bottle Springreen Wheat Germ Oil
    1 Bottle Natural Vitamin C
    1 Bottles Bentonite Detoxificant
    1 Bottle Psyllium Intestinal Cleanser
    1 Free Sample Herbal Supplement tablets

    In addition be certain to drink lots of water to facilitate the sweeping action of the supplements.

    Think you're body deserves it?
    Don't wait, go for it- Begin now!
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