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The Bodymaker
Perfect Program™ Cleanse 1 : Bio Prep Kit - 30 Day Kit

The Bodymaker<BR>Perfect Program&#0153 Cleanse 1 : Bio Prep Kit - 30 Day Kit
Our Price: $204.00

Product Code: G1001

Description Extended Information
Bio Prep

This Cleanse is very easy

Purchase includes downloadable Bio Prep Instruction Guide

What is it?
This is a Biological Preparation Program (Biological = For a living organism such as a human body, Bios is Greek for "Life") designed specifically to prepare your body for maximum cleansing and healing. The purpose of this Bio Prep is to establish an optimal pre-cleanse foundation in your body cells and tissues. This foundation is set to allow for excellent future cleansing results with whichever Cleanse Levels you choose to use. Basically you are Biologically prepping your body to most efficiently detoxify and renourish itself.

And Visa versa---It is also used as a Bio Assistance Program - When someone starts a cleanse level and seems to be having and unusually challenging experience on that level, we add The Bio Prep program as Biological Assistance Program .

The Bio Prep Program uses the Primary 3 Life dependent "elements":

1. Oxygen

G4000 Homozon-The Original 1895 Oxygen therapy formula by Blass
Taken 1 to 3 teaspoons twice daily, a.m. and p.m.

2. Water
Get the best quality water you can obtain

Your body needs it
Drink 6-8 glasses per day (8 ounce glasses)

3. 100% Natural Mineral Electrolytes-Living Sea Minerals!

G2001 Sea Electrolytes
Slowly drink 1 ampoule 3 times per day before meals, for 20 days

What will it do?
By following this program what can I expect to feel?

The first effect one can expect while taking Homozon, plenty of water and Sea Electrolytes is enhanced excretory function. Commonly noted also is an increase in overal energy.
While the bowel function never completely subsides, it does ease as cellular toxicity decrease. Effects do vary between individuals somewhat, but enhanced bowel function and an increase in energy are two of the most noted effects

Level 1 is aimed at correcting your body's foundation - its "bottom line" cellular level.
In an all natural life perfect world, biological organisms such as the human body, always have an abundant oxygenation, hydration and mineralization status. In todays modern "civilized" life, point blank- most bodies have an oxygen, water and mineral depletion status

Your health and the quality of your life depend on the available oxygen in every breath you take. Homozon does what two time Nobel Prize Laureatte Dr. Otto Warburg suggested for health maintenance, cancer and degenerative disease prevention. That is, plainly , to increase the oxygen to the body cells, literally "flooding the body with oxygen."

This in turn assists the metabolism mechanisms at the cell level, making for greater efficiency and detoxification.


Water should be taken as often as possible during the day. Beyond Oxygen, water is the most important factor in cleansing and health. Please realize water is the Biological Solvent.

On this subject, if you haven't yet red Dr. Batmanghelidj's book: Your Body's Many Cries For Water, you are in for quite a treat. He states:
"You are not sick, you are thirsty! Don't treat thirst with medication!"

Everyone knows that water is good for the body. They seem not to know how essential it is to one's well-being. They do not know what happens to the body if it does not receive its daily need of water."

"Why are Americans overweight?
Because of a most basic confusion! They don't know when they are thirsty; and they don't know the difference between fluids and water."

What must be added to this information on the water is:
You must obtain good quality water.

Living Mineral Electrolytes

An electrolyte is a mineral whose molecules split into electrically charged particles called ions, when dissolved. The ions also known as "electrolytes" then become capable of conducting "electricity".

Most people do not realize the prime role electrolytes have in their body. Electrolytes are the "beginning of minerals in action". The point when minerals become ALIVE is when electrolytes split. A transformation begins when minerals can become active and usable in human cells, tissues and organs. All cellular structures become alive through electrolytic activity. Life BEGINS with electrolytes.1

No matter what is wrong with any body, the healing process begins with REMINERALIZATION.

How to properly and sufficiently remineralize the body on an on-going basis to allow for complete and continual healing is the challenge! Few understand the healing process at its biochemical level ---its a process of remineralization and it must be continual for full repair to occur. Hence, ANYTHING that interferes with REMINERALIZATION interferes with the healing process. That's a basic datum that answers an awful lot of confusions in healing today---if understood in its infinite of applications.

Water is the mineral carrier and we absorb the minerals more efficiently when they are dissolved in liquid than we do from foods.

Drinking water, once our most important source of minerals, is now an insignificant contributor to our daily intake because it no longer comes directly from lakes or streams; by the time it reaches us it is almost as processed and "de-natured"as our foods!

Water running over rocks picks up minerals and the swirling of the water creates vortexes which "charge" the minerals it carries. The highly processed water running through pipes and into our faucets hasn't got a spark of electrical energy left in it. 2


As of late, the medical notion of a biological terrain has been gaining ground and is now considered as a key factor in the search for the primary causes of illness and the establishment of a treatment that is not only symptomatic or pain-relieving, but also truly curative.

The word "terrain" has been borrowed from agriculture. It is well-known that the soil is NOT just a lifeless material that crops grow on , but that it's mineral composition, microbial life structure, pH, etc..dramatically affect the health of the crops growing on it.

Similarily, it is now increasingly recognized that the biologcial terrain of an individual human body dramatically affects the health of the cells and organs that live in it! The terrain condition of a biological organism, such as the human, may predispose the body to various disease or health developments.

The Biological Terrain is defined as:

The internal environment of the human body composed of various organic (living) fluids:
--Interstitial Tissue=the fluid tissue layer that bathes and surrounds every cell of the body

The biological terrain makes up 25-30% of the body weight!

It is this internal environment which provides the cells with all the materials required for their survival and activity. It is also in this matrix that they release their waste products. The internal environment is the focusing point of the regulatory mechanisms of the body. All these complex mechanisms interact to ensure a homeostasis (balanced) maintanence of the internal environment:

-maintanence of normal pressure ranges
-maintanence of normal pH ranges
-maintanence of adequate Oxygen levels -Carbon dioxide release
-maintanence of normal temperature
-maintanence of adequate blood sugar levels and more!

To maintain a healthy body, homeostasis must be kept constant; thus a living balance is continously reconstructed in the face of modifications due to the surrounding metabolism (the constant build up and breakdown of the cells of the body)

A healthy organic (living) terrain is the basis of health and conversely diseases develop on a depleted or congested terrrain.

The Biological terrain concept is the most valuable advanced breakthough in the field of natural health today.

In it's Simplicity

The Cleanse 1: Bio Prep Program , in its simplicity, is the undercut level that Dr. Betsy created to address our situation of today:

A widespread humankind condition of basic dehydration, demineralization, fungal overgrowth with severe malnourishment states at the cellular level---a severe energy depleted condition with "all-used up" tissue reserves.

Nourishment-wise, the bodies of today are generally just not "getting what they used to get " --Today, in order to cleanse properly, some energy and nutrient reserves must first be deliberately made available or the body just won't let go of its waste -The nourishment/waste exchange mechanisms are out of sync--Our biological terrain begs repair---and that's where the Bio Prep Program comes in.

In summation, the Bio Prep program targets to reestablish , on the cellular level, your body's first 3 living requirements-Oxygen, Water and Living Mineral Electrolytes. These are your body's natural terrain foundation needs.

In the ideal, untampered, natural "perfect world"-perfect Oxygen, Water and Living Mineral electrolytes would be plentifully received on a continual daily basis. Beyond these primary basics, the body does have other requirements, other nutritional factors, its secondary needs. On the Level 1-Perfect Instant Program, you'll begin to replenish these.

How much does the Bio Prep Program cost?

A 30 day supply is $189.00 and includes:

2 Homozon 150 gram canisters
2 Sea Electrolyte cartons-30 ampoules each

The Bio Prep can be taken as a "stand alone" Program OR combined during any of the other Level Programs.
The demand for "Combo Starter Programs" has grown tremendously. Our 4 most popular Bio-Prep Combo Sellers include:

Cleanse 1 and Pre-Cleanse 2 Combo Program
Cleanse 1
and Cleanse 2 Combo Program
Cleanse 1 and Cleanse 3 Combo Program
Cleanse 1
and Cleanse 4 Combo Program

In the words of Dr. Betsy,
"If you are new to cleansing OR it has been quite a while since you gave your system a good cleanse AND you want to pack a nice punch for relatively little effort---The Cleanse 0 or Cleanse 1 AND Level 2 Combo Program can't be beat- Try it! You'll love it! (and your body will thank you a thousand fold)"

If you grasp the power of laying a good foundation , this is exactly it---the 3 most elegant, highest in quality forms, of life's required foundational substances - Galaxy Nutrients specially imports these liquid minerals all the way from the deep pristine waters of Celtic Sea --none compare!
Get started now!
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