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Ovary Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets - 2 bottle/100 tablets each
Ovary Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets - 2 bottle/100 tablets each
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Ovary Cell
Nucleus Extract

Science tell us it is the cell nucleus that contains the first organizer of the protein structural form generated in normal cell growth and repair. The first organizer form generated is that fraction of the chromosome of the cell which catalyzes the synthesis of new cell protein in growth and repair. (Reference: Protomorphology by Hanson and Lee)

Adrenal Cell Nucleus Extract is a mineral product of the Adrenal Gland Cell Nucleus. It is a tissue extract intended to supply the specific determinant factors of the above mentioned organ and to aid in improving t he local nutritional environment for that organ.

Ovary Anatomy and Physiology
The Female endocrine glands are the ovaries and, in pregnancy, the uterus. During adolescence, the ovarian hormones promote the development of the characteristics that make a woman womanly; body curves, breasts, pubic hair, and so forth. In the developing and mature woman, a complex interaction of hormones from the pituitary, ovary, thyroid and uterus controls the monthly cycle of ovulation, development and deterioration of the uterine lining and menstruation. At about the age of fifty, ovary function declines, as the woman loses her ability to reproduce and passes through menopause.

Proper function of the female glands is necessary for sexual satisfaction, fertility and relief of the symptoms of menopause. Poor nutrition is particularly likely to affect the sexual glands. Since they are not vital to life, the body allocates nutrients first to other, more vital organs. If the diet is lacking, the sexual glands may receive less than they need, possibly leading to sexual or reproductive problems.

Factors, Symptoms and Signs
related to Insufficient Ovary Health
Aside from the classically recognized possibilities of ovarian dysfunction we have observed the most common characteristic to be deviations in calcium metabolism, and of being a particular variety apparently concerned with intercellular calcium metabolism in which blood calcium levels may or may not be disturbed. In these cases, calcium administration may either prove disappointing or actually produce reactions. Female Liquetrophic as well as ovary cell extract is indicated.

General Considerations:
Improvement of functional ability of ovaries via protomorphogen activity thus normalizing hormonal control is rationalization for clinical application.

Simultaneously with ovarian support, we should consider the close interrelationship with the other endocrine glands, namely: the thyroid, adrenals and pituitary glands, and the important function of the uterus as well. In clinical application, therapy directed towards these related glands may provide the successful difference which ovarian support alone may lack.

It is this interrelationship which provides the clinician with the most difficult problems in these cases. For this reason, we are offering the following schedule for use in determining the most likely related products in these situations:

Gonadal Manifestation: Concomitant Findings:
1. Amenorrhea Anemia, neurasthenia, developmental deficits Product Recommendations: Liver B12, Pituitary Liquetrophic Female Liquetrophic

2. Dysmenorrhea Hyperthyroid tendencies, hyperpituitarism, calcium deficiency states Product Recommendations: Springreen Tablets , Calac, or Calphonite, Pituitary Liquetrophic

3. Metrorrhagia Adrenal insufficiency, ovarian insufficiency Product Recommendations: Female Liquetrophic, Wheat Germ Oil Adrenal Liquetrophic, Springreen Tabs

4. Menopausal Symptoms Pituitary hyperactivity, adrenal insufficiency, hyperthyroidism

Product Recommendations:
Calphonite, Pituitary Liquetrophic Springreen tablets, Wheat Germ Oil

When the foregoing is attended by frank thyroid or adrenal symptoms, add the following nutrients to ensure adequate nourishment for normal physiological functioning, as follows:

A. Thyroid involvements
1. Hypothyroidism
2. Hyperthyroidism

Product Recommendations:
Fatty Acid Liquetrophic, Pituitary Liquetrophic, Thyroid Liquetrophic* Calac, Liquid Dulse, Pituitary Liquetrophic, Thyroid Cell Extract*

*Hypothyroidism is attended with bradycardia,
Hyperthyroidism with tachycardia

B Adrenal involvements
1. Hypoadrenia *
2 Hyperadrenia

Product Recommendations: Calphonite, Fatty Acid Liquetrophic, Liver B12, Adrenal Liquetrophic Liquid Dulse, Calac, Adrenal Cell Extract*

*Hypoadrenia is attended with hypotension, neurasthenia, Hyperadrenia is attended with hypertension, masculation.

Note: The above suggestions are simply an outline of possible therapeutic courses which may be followed. Changes in the clinical picture should be observed and the schedule altered according to indications. Ovary Cell Extract is recommended in all cases as the basic nutritional support.

Clinical Associated Conditions
Female Disorders:
Menstruation Symptoms
Uterine Congestion

Clinical Considerations:
Prominent Clinical Signs and Symptoms
and Possible Etiological Background:

Discussion: Pages 534 to 556, Practical Endocrinology, by Harrower, gives a comprehensive review of ovarian dysfunction.

The Clinical picture described in these pages is too long to tell in detail here, but the possibilities covered may be listed briefly as follows:

Amenorrhea Frigidity Metrorrhagia
Delayed Puberty Infantilism Ovarian Irritability
Dysmenorrhea Menopause Ovarian Poisoning
Dysovarism Menorrhagia Premature Senility

Laboratory Test
Urinary 17-Ketosteroids
Need Shown by:
Slightly diminished, level further
depressed in old age

Clinical Picture: Reveals:
a. X-ray of Bone Osteoporosis (most frequent in aged)
b. Vaginal Smear Shows degrees of estrogen deficiency

Nutritional Importances:
Infertility-The female glands are central to proper ovulation, and their nourishment should be part of a nutritional solution to infertility.

Sexual Problems-For women who have depressed libido or difficulty achieving orgasm, glandular tissue feeding can be of benefit.

Birth Control Pills-The pill prevents pregnancy by interrupting the normal monthly hormonal cycle and inhibiting ovulation. This suspension of normal glandular function can have negative side effects on the endocrine system and circulatory problems may also result. Providing Ovary glandular nourishment can be very important in countering these potential side effects, by nourishingly ensuring the ovaries are physiologically supported.

Menopausal -Many women suffer from a variety of unpleasant problems during menopause, such as hot flashes, extreme irritability and depression. In many cases these symptoms result from a sudden drop in ovary function. Supplementing the diet with ovarian glandular nourishment is an important factor during this stage. Can be very helpful in hyperpituitary menopausal states (hot flashes).

Breast Health-Ovarian glandular support specifically has been shown to relieve breast soreness-mastitis

Nymphomania- relief has also been reported with the feeding of ovarian glandular tissue in addition to Wheat Germ Oil.

Ovarian Cysts-Providing Ovary glandular tissue nourishment is useful in ovarian cysts, especially "chocolate" cysts, primary amenorrhea and ovaries with endometrial nests.

Dosage/Directions for use: As a dietary supplement one-three tablets to be taken three times daily with each meal as directed.

Note: All cell extracts should be taken as follows:
First week: 1 per day taken with the largest meal
Second week: 2 per day taken one after lunch and one after dinner
Third week: 3 per day taken one after each meal.

*In all cases of providing cell extracts for nutritional factors, long term therapy should be stressed rather than acceleration of dosage

For maximum effectiveness cell extracts should be taken with 3-24+ Springreen greens tablets. This supplies an excellent array of all needed organic minerals in the ideal natural form.

Each tablet supplies: 200 mg. Ovary Extract--- of bovine source, calcium stearate and cellulose as tableting agents.

Response is generally satisfactory where specific symptoms are being observed. Synergistic support may be very important. Especially Springreen tablets with their multi organic mineral supply and Fatty Acid Liquetrophic and/or Wheat Germ Oil capsules. Also Calphonite-ideally assimilable calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Side Effects:
Side effects occurring are usually nonspecific, i.e. not directly referable to the ovaries themselves, but rather either due to trophic effects of ovarian hormones on the thyroid or pituitary or adrenals--- or to metabolic insufficiencies usually manifest as disturbances in calcium metabolism. Calcium Lactate (Calac tablets) and Pituitary Liquetrophic are the usual recourses.

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