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The Bodymaker
Perfect Program™ 10 - Vegetarian Maintenance Program Kit for Cleanse Levels 0 - 9 : 30 day kit

The Bodymaker<BR>Perfect Program&#0153 10 - Vegetarian Maintenance Program Kit for Cleanse Levels 0 - 9 : 30 day kit
Our Price: $377.60

Product Code: G1010-VEG

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I have done my now what?

Post-Cleanse 10 is:

Maintenance for after any Cleanse Program and between Cleanses.

The great thing about the design of the Bodymaker Post-Cleanse 10 Kit , is that it continues a light cleansing all the while as it nourishes and rebuild. You're body will continue to reap benefits.

You may adjust your maintenance program according to your own personal needs and health goals,  by adding any additional items desired, from the highly recommended list below.

This kit is the basic minimum required to ensure you cover your body's basic foundational needs on a daily basis.

What will it do:
When yo
u've completed your thorough programs, there still is still the all-important task of maintaining your new healthful states. These levels significantly advance your body into another health level, so you will need to follow an exact specific transitioning schedule for the first 3 weeks off.

This post-transition time is a critical time and done correctly ensures the maintanence and even advancement of the benefits you just achieved!

We'll transition you and guide you through these first 3 weeks off with your Maintenance Nourishment and Rebuilding Program to make sure you retain the optimum results . You'll be feeling fantastic and eating right naturally. You'll notice that you're enjoying life more than you have in years.

Plus, you'll get a guide for eating the healthiest meals and snacks you've ever eaten. We will provide you with some foundation recipes that will support your health and keep your energy levels high---you will be amazed. With all those non-nutritional unnatural food cravings gone, you'll have no trouble getting on a well-balanced eating program to maintain your new healthful status!

You'll be needing Post-Cleanse 10 support products while coming off the other Cleanse Levels. You can either order these maintenance products at the same time you order your Cleanse program/s OR order the maintenance items after you have started and are well-into your Cleanse program. Just be sure you have enough on hand so that you don't run short while transitioning off.

The Post-Cleanse 10 Kit will give you the Basic Maintenance Program quantities you should keep on hand to get you through your post-cleanse transition. After that point, you will have enough familiarity with the products, the program and what your needs are, so that you will know what you need on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

The products in your Post Cleanse 10 daily maintenance program are designed to keep the fecal matter in the colon moving freely with maximum volume. Maintaining your newly achieved health level is the key factor in allowing your body to continue to reap benefits. Years of experience have proven this can be done far better and without bad habit-forming, if it is done PHYSICALLY and MECHANICALLY, rather than CHEMICALLY. Anyone of any age will benefit and his/her vitality and feelings of well-being will be enhanced by incorporating this maintenance program into a daily routine.

In addition to keeping the channels of elimination continually open, proper nutrition of the bloodstream is of utmost importance. Everyone benefits when they incorporate the foods which have been proven for thousands of years to be basic foods of mankind, those foods which have naturally evolved simultaneously with man for his use. Foods which every known vitamin and many unknown ones, have been isolated (except Vitamin D). What better way to maintain your health than to furnish your body with the ONE FOOD that is NON-TOXIC in any usable quantity and which is positively known and proven to contain EVERY ELEMENT NEEDED in the blood of the mammal animal - Springreen tablets!

For Post Cleanse 10 Program of Daily Maintenance, the kit comes in 2 Versions,  G1010 Standard or  G1010V Vegetarian
Your 30 day Vegetarian kit is $377.60 and includes the following : 

2 bottles G3001 Springreen tablets
2 bottles G5001 Veg-Enzymes
1 bottle G3002 Wheat Germ Oil
1 bottle G3003 Natural Vitamin C
1 bottle G3006 Whole Beet Plant Juice tablets
1 bottle G3008 Montmorillonite Detoxificant
1 bottle G3009 Psyllium Intestinal Cleanser
1 bottle G3012 Progest enzymes
1 free herbal supplement tablets sample
Bonus FREE Daily Health Plan and Post-Maintenance info pack

Beyond this basic program, you may select additional items, according to your personal needs and preferences, from our highly recommended list:

Calphonite-to ensure adequate supply for the musculoskeletal framework. Extra calcium/magnesium/phosphorus supplementation is wise for all of us. Especially all women due to the high prevalence of Osteoporosis. Liquid Calphonite is the best calcium "bone builder" Dr. Betsy has found in her 27 years! In addition, please consider adding the Cod Liver Oil to your maintenance program-The vitamin D in Cod Liver Oil is essential for maximally metabolizing your calcium intake. (1 tablespoon of Cod Liver oil -3 times per week is all that is needed on a maintenance basis

Springreen Cod Liver Oil

Springreen Tablets
The basic list of one bottle allows for 12 tablets daily. Depending on your diet , and personal preference additional Springreen tablets may be desired.
Springreen Progest
Springreen Enzymatic Supplement
Galaxy Nutrients Vegenzymes
Galaxy Nutrients B12 Liver Tabs
Galaxy Nutrients Atomic Silicon with B Complex
Galaxy Nutrients Fatty Acid Liquetrophic
These are the most commonly ordered additional Maintenance Products.

A Preview look at Level 10 Post Cleanse Maintenance Lifestyle Program:

1. Continue using the Detoxificant and Intestinal Cleanser morning and evening to insure two natural bowel movements daily.

2. Take at least 12 Springreen Tablets The tablets can be divided as you see fit. These can be taken with or between meals with water or unsweetened juice.

3. Eliminate from your diet anything containing bleached wholewheat or bleached and refined white flour products or refined sugars.

4. Eliminate pasteurized dairy products

5. . Eliminate pork from your diet. Cook red meat, if you must have it, on the rare side or better yet...steak tartare! Eggs should be eaten raw in smoothis or just slightly cooked. Broil fish on one side only or again, better yet...raw sushi.

6. Plenty of fresh green vegetable juice, for extra minerals and enzymes, at least 1 - 12 ounces per day

7. See that AT LEAST 50% of your food intake is fresh and RAW. Be sure to eat something RAW at each meal. Whenever you eat cooked foods--take digestive enzymes (Progest, Springreen Enzymatic, Vegenzymes

Its as simple as that! Just back to natural!

Now that we have presented the Bodymaker Cleanse Programs 0-10, there's no excuse, for not feeling your best!

Start today and begin to feel better sooner than you thought possible.
FREE-Click here to receive the extended information pack

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