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From Hippocrates to Virchow

From Hippocrates to Virchow - Reflections on Human Disease
by James Byers, MD

Outline preview of book contents

Table of Contents
The Hippocratic Oath

Part 1: Health versus Disease

1. Plato: Body and Mind in Health and Disease
2. Hippocrates: Profession or Trade Guild?
3. Aristotle: Biological Perspective on Man
4. Galen: The Physician, a Philosopher?
5. Harvey: Observations are important

Part 2: The Nature of Disease

6. Plato and Hobbes: Analogies between the Body and the State
7. Aristotle: General Observations on Health and Disease
8. Hippocrates: We are What We Eat
9. Galen: Hot versus Cold
10. Avicenna: Pneuma---the Vehicle of the Psychic Faculties
11. Maimonides: Gluttony and Sloth---Enemies of Health
12. Harvey: Internal Organs are Altered in Disease!

Part 3: The Categories of Disease

13. Plato: Pain and Pleasure, Corruption and Inflammation
14. Hippocrates: Seasons, Winds, and Skull Fractures

Part 4: The Natural History of Disease
15. The Old Testament: The Dreaded Skin Disease
16. Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War and the Plague of Athens
17. Hippocrates: Prognosis
18. Lucretius: Mind, Body and Miasm

Part 5: The Causes of Disease

19. Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament:
      Punishment and Exorcism
20. Sophocles: Blood Debt
21. Herodotus: Preventive Purging and Hippocrates Revisited
22. Plato: Disorderly Excesses and Therapeutic Nihilism
23. Aristotle: Blood and Fat
24. Hippocrates: Diet, Climate, and Cold Phlegm
25. Galen: Causes of Edema
26. Plotinus: Causes from Cure?
27. Aquinas: Gluttons Beware!
28. Chaucer and Montaigne: The Doctor and His Critics
29. Harvey: Cacodemons and Cacochemy
30. Virchow: The Little Giant of Pathology




You may order this classic book ; for $49.00   A must for every health professionals' or health enthusiasts' library. The ideal gift for colleagues and friends, this book presents an enlightening discussion of the origins of medical thought. Classical writings are compared with present day attitudes on diet, exercise, the right to die, cancer and many other subjects, providing a richer understanding of modern medicine's relationship to the art, literature and ideas of the past. Beautiful illustrations punctuate the text providing a visually and intellectually appealing book.

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$49.00 TXT002 Hippocrates to Virchow Book - Byers


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