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Hippocrates - Disease is a natural phenomenon


"Disease is a natural phenomenon governed by natural laws
and if the disease is not in too serious a condition,
nature will assert herself, and if properly allowed,
health will be regained."

Centuries ago, Hippocrates, the great Greek physician of the fifth century B.C., known as the father of medicine, taught that wholesome natural food could restore and maintain vibrant health. Kindliness and concern, embodied in his aphorism, "Where there is love for mankind, there is the love for the art of healing," are reflected in Hippocrates every mannerism. This revered practitioner, scientist, and teacher, well deserved the title , "Father of Medicine".

In order for mankind to expand and evolve into higher consciousness, it is necessary for them to prepare a pure, uncontaminated body.

On the biochemical level of humanity's existence, disease is caused by the abuse of our bodies through cooked food, over-stimulation, and destructive living habits. Through out this period of abuse, our bodies have accumulated poisons to the extent of literally becoming clogged sewage systems. Malnutrition and toxemia are at the root of modern ills which are often diagnosed and treated separately. A return to a more wholistic way of living allows the body to heal itself. Nature strives to bring balance to the abused body.

The famous saying of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" dates back some four hundred years before the birth of Christ. Hippocrates also maintained that food must be taken in the condition in which it is found in nature---uncooked. The statements of Harry G. Bieler, M.D, Nutritionist , Sir Roger McCarrison, M.D., and numerous others in the field of medicine and healthcare fully endorse Hippocrates' declaration. Hippocrates laid down the principles that were scientifically sound in his times, and this is undoubtedly the reason his name lives in history as one of the greatest physicians of all times.

Hippocrates taught people how to help themselves and that the body cannot act as its own physician when nourishment is destroyed through the process of cooking. Organically grown living food nourishes the body and enables it to be the self-cleansing, self-regulating and self-healing apparatus. The body renews its cells every seven years and sickness, old age and decrepitude are unnatural. Both science and common sense fully agree that nutrition is a matter of sickness or health. Dr. Earp-Thomas, soil specialist and ecologist, said that "we exploited the earth that feeds us and now we are paying the price in sickness". The distinguished British physician, Aubrey Westlake, M.D., suggests that Shakespeare's origin of persons should be changed to : The ice age, the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the space age and now the garb-age.

We must seek the cause of all sickness. On the biochemical level, when imbalance exists-it manifests as cellular nutritional deficiency and toxicity. It strike the weakest part of the body, so that some persons may have cancer, others heart trouble or diabetes, while others are addicted to drugs, alcohol or get and over weight body. The most plaguing manifestations are the mental disturbances rampant throughout this country. Understanding the basic care of a body---nourishing with living food which will prevent as well as heal the sickness, physical or mental, is the first step which must be taken to eliminate the trouble, so that we can adequately understand and deal with them.

One of the most important steps in the attainment of mental and physical health is to realize the wonderful vehicle our body is. The most impressive way to understand and learn to appreciate the faculties that the Creator has given our bodies ---our sight, hearing, ability to speak and move about---is to see someone who has been deprived of these abilities which we take for granted. When we are in the presence of an obese person, a drug addict or a person with one or more organs surgically removed or functionally impaired, we become aware that to be healthy in body, mind and spirit is much to be grateful for. All these disorders have been effected by malnutrition and body pollution which prevent the body from being the self-regulating, self-cleansing and self-healing sacred mechanism the Creator originally fashioned. Our experience has shown that when the body is provided with the necessary nutritional elements, perfect health is possible. Nourishment that is grown and has not been tampered with ---processed or cooked---can keep the cells of the body in good working order continuously; live foods provide nourishment for the cells, which give our body energy.

An excess of waste accumulated in the system from years of wrong eating, but because all human beings have inherited differences in strengths and weakness, individual reactions to this waste varies. Some with strong internal organs may retain their health for years, though they pollute their bloodstreams with liquor, meats, sugar, oil, starches and many unnatural "foods". Others show signs of internal decay by becoming fat, bald, wrinkled and have chronic bad breath.

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