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The Oldest Tree in Europe

Welcome to the Tree of Hippocrates!
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1. What is your idea of the ideal we are working towards with Natural Health Methods?

2. Have you envisioned improvements that would occur in the world if Nutrition became the primary solution to our biochemical problems of today versus Drugs as the main answer.

3. What is being done to achieve this?

4. Do you think we are making it?

5. Does anything need to be changed to make it faster?

6. When do you think we will make it?

7. Would it be more pleasant to live within a world where Nutrition/Diet and exercise-which is what Hippocrates, THE Father of Medicine had originally laid out for us to follow, was the main healing Approach, not drugs?

8. In your opinion, how would a really effective internal body cleanse method enhance the health of the people of our world?

9. What do you think would be the best way to explain to a person that they needed to do a body cleanse?

10. What problems, if any, could a person run into while on a good body cleanse?

11. If this was totally handled to a positive result, what would happen?

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