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Female Liquetrophic - Nutrients that help equalize the Feminine System - 4 fluid oz.
Female Liquetrophic - Nutrients that help equalize the Feminine System - 4 fluid oz.
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Nutrients that help equalize the feminine system

This formula was created to supply potentized enzymes, nutrients and homeopathic substances to balance and support the health of the Female Reproductive and Glandular system.

The Female Reproductive System (Latin, re-again; productio-production) The primary function of this system is continuation of the species. The amazing Reproductive System is considered the "biological centerpiece" of the body because within it is contained the genetic code that so amazingly duplicates all the systems to reproduce/make a new organism.

A Man's Reproductive System is designed to produce male sex cells and deliver them to a female, but a woman's reproductive system is much more complicated. Not only must it provide female sex cells and receive the male sex cells, but it must also provide a place and the nourishment for an embryo to grow, deliver the baby and produce it's nourishment after birth. Normally this process runs smoothly and comfortably.

When it is healthy, eggs (ovum) are produced in the two olive shaped ovaries, which lie on each side of the pelvis. When an egg is matured, it travels down the fallopian tubes to the uterus or womb. A fertilized egg develops into a baby inside the uterus, which contains the strongest muscle of the body.

The Female Glands
(Latin, glans-acorn)
A aggregation of cells, specialized to secrete hormones. (Greek, hormaein-to excite, stir up)

The Glandular System is made up of these glands that regulate body activity by their special secretions, the hormones, which they deliver directly into the blood stream. They are called "ductless" glands because instead of sending out their secretions through tubes or ducts to specific areas, they use he blood vessel system directly. Normally this process runs smoothly and comfortably.

When healthy, the glands produce ADEQUATE supplies of their hormones, which are carried by the bloodstream to particular organs whose functions they control and stimulate. By this method, the glands regulate such fundamental body processes as metabolism, growth, sex characteristics and reproduction.

The female glands, the ovaries and in pregnancy, the uterus function in cycles. During adolescence, the ovarian hormones promote the development of the characteristics that make a woman womanly; body curves, breasts, pubic hair and so forth.

In the developing and mature woman, a complex interaction of hormones from the pituitary, ovary, thyroid and uterus controls the monthly cycle of ovulation, development and deterioration of the uterine lining and menstruation. At about the age of fifty, ovary function declines, as the woman loses her ability to reproduce and passes through menopause.

Proper function of the female glands is necessary for sexual satisfaction, fertility, and relief of the symptoms of menopause. Poor nutrition is particularly likely to affect the sexual glands. Since they are not vital to life, the body allocates nutrients first to other, more vital organs. If the diet is lacking, the sexual glands may receive less than they need, possibly leading to sexual or reproductive problems.

We know now that any significant imbalance in the kind and number of hormones produced by the glands must be corrected if the brain and body are to function properly.

How well these glands function depends upon several factors :
1. Constancy of good quality energy flow/life force to the cells of these glands.
2. Constancy of nervous impulse flow (electrical) supplying the cells that make up these glands
3. Constancy of good quality nutrients (fuel) supplying the cells that make up these glands
4. Constancy of blood and lymphatic flow, cleaning waste and removing abnormal microorganisms from the cells, preventing infection developments.
5. High quality genetically inherited functional and structural pattern of the glands.

There are numerous Warning signs of a Female Reproductive or Glandular system dysfunction.

Factors, Signs and Symptoms of Female Reproductive System Dysfunction:

-Infertility-The female glands are central to proper ovulation and they should be part of a nutritional solution to infertility.

-Birth Control Pill Side effects-The pill prevents pregnancy by interrupting the normal monthly hormonal cycle and inhibiting ovulation. This suspension of normal glandular function can have negative side effects on the gland system and circulatory problems may also result.
-Sexual Problems- depressed libido, low or no desire for sex, or difficulty achieving orgasm -Menopausal symptoms-Many women suffer from a variety of unpleasant problems during menopause, such as hot flashes, extreme irritability, and depression. In many cases these symptoms result from a sudden drop in ovary function and they can be remedied by supplementing the diet with proper nourishing nutrient substances.
-Depression, irritability, moodiness, anger
-bloating and swelling
-nausea and vomiting
-leg cramps or tenderness
-low backache
-sore breasts or lumps
-vaginal dryness, pain or itching
-pain in ovary area
-low abdominal pain
-craving for sweets
-sweating throughout the day or night sweats

Based on the individual constituents listed in the ingredients below, the therapeutic possibilities of this formula include:

Menstrual irregularities, depression, excessive bleeding, uterine hemorrhage, dysmenorrhea and colic type pains and resolution of any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms.

Suggested Dosage/Directions for use:
Adults, one teaspoon, 2-3 times daily or as otherwise directed

1.May be taken away from meals or with meals, although not with hot foods (over 106 degrees)
2.Refrigerate after opening
3.Liquetrophics and other homeopathics should be taken 20 minutes apart
4.Liquetrophics may be taken at the same time with other liquetrophics Exception: Fatty Acid Liquetrophic and Thyroid Liquetrophic should not be taken at the same time with other homeopathics or Liquetrophics--- wait at least 20 minutes apart
5.Do not store in sunlight

CAUTION: Alcohol sensitivities: If a person is sensitive to alcohol, place dose in a glass (3 oz.) of warm (not hot) water. Allow one minute for the alcohol to evaporate.

General Homeopathic instructions for all homeopathics:
1.Take nothing by mouth 10-15 minutes prior to or following dosage . Exception: Liquetrophic homeopathics may be taken this way or with meals
2.No mint in any form, such as candy mints, mint toothpaste, mint mouthwash. Most fine healthfood Stores carry mint free toothpaste.
3.Avoid camphor, as in muscle and joint rubs, and moth ball fumes when taking homeopathics.
4.If dental drilling or trauma to mouth occurs, use only topically for 48 hours
5.Limit breathing of strong smells, such as paint thinner, eucalyptus, cigarette smoke (especially menthol)
6.Limit raw garlic, onions, strong spices to one hour away- before or after taking homeopathics
7.Place drops under tongue and hold for 10-30 seconds to allow for absorption
8.Keep homeopathics out of direct sunlight and xray
9.Homeopathics may generally be taken at the same time with other suggested homeopathics. Exception: Liquetrophics homeopathics should homeopathics not be taken at the same time with other

By following these guidelines, you will give your remedies the greatest opportunity to succeed.

Glycyrrhiza glabra, Dioscorea Villosa, Rubus Idaeus, Caulophyllum, Thalictroides, Trillium Erectum, Liatris Spicata 2x, Ignatia 3x, Bovine Glandulars: Ovary, Uterus, Mammary 6x, Nuclease, Invertase, Lecithinase, Coenzyme A Dehydrogenase, Dopamine B-Hydroxylase, Vanillylmandelic Acid Dehydrogenase 8x, 12x, 30x, 60x, 100x

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