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Spleen Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets
Spleen Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets
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Spleen Cell
Nucleus Extract

Science tell us it is the cell nucleus that contains the first organizer of the protein structural form generated in normal cell growth and repair. The first organizer form generated is that fraction of the chromosome of the cell which catalyzes the synthesis of new cell protein in growth and repair. (Reference: Protomorphology by Hanson and Lee)

Spleen Cell Nucleus Extract is a mineral product of the Spleen Gland Cell Nucleus. It is a tissue extract intended to supply the specific determinant factors of the above mentioned organ and to aid in improving t he local nutritional environment for that organ.

Spleen Anatomy and Physiology
The Spleen is a Main Organ of the Immune System. The Immune System (Latin, immunis-free, exempt) The Immune system is the system that helps protect the body from unwanted invading influences and unwanted microbial growths. It is our Defense system.

Spleen, Thymus, Tonsils, Lymph Vessels and Fluid

Filtration of blood; production of white blood cells; protection against disease; return protein to cardiovascular system.

Immunity is a vast subject. When it is healthy, the body can defend itself against most invading organisms that may cause infection or disease. If invading infectious organisms make it through our skin or are not killed by enzymes in our saliva or tears, this defense system goes into action. Pain, swelling, and fever may be the signs of the battle against unwanted microorganisms, and infection or the healing of a tissue as in inflammation after damage has been done.

Specific Spleen functions and purposes, extracted from standard medical endocrinology text, include:
1. Disposal of erythrocytes (red blood cells)
2. Generator of leukocytes (white blood cells)
3. Acts in Development of immunity
4. Contributes Resistance to infections
5. Supports the action of intestinal peristalsis
6. Metabolism of iron

General Considerations
"The nutritional influence spleen therapy, mentioned many times in the literature, is not explained by specific effect that it possesses. The explanation of Charles Bayle, now of Paris, is original, his conclusions being based on years of patient experimentation on animals while carrying on an extensive consulting practice at Cannes on the Riviera. Bayle's theory is this:

The blood contains the mineral elements in two forms:
1. Those in colloid state suitable for cellular appropriation and thus not suited for elimination by the kidneys, and
2. The mineral cellular wastes, which are dissolved in the plasma and destined for elimination

If these elements lose their colloidal form, they are promptly eliminated, and a condition of demineralization obtains. The capacity to maintain the mineral salts in a colloidal state is evidently of considerable importance, and, according to Bayle, its regulation seems to belong to the spleen.

On page 182: (Studies cited to show influence of spleen action simulating activity of parathyroid hormone). Removal of the spleen from dogs was followed by hypocalcemia. When dessicated spleen extract was fed to these splenectomized dogs, the low calcium index was promptly raised to normal, although identical treatment to parathyroidectomized dogs had no such effect on the calcium figure.

Quoting from the journal of the American Medical Association (Sept 27, 1930, xcv. P. 937):

From the studies here discussed it appears that the spleen is likewise concerned in calcium metabolism. Furthermore, it appears that the results might even be interpreted to mean that, in the absence of the parathyroid glands, the spleen can take over their function in preventing tetany. These intricate relationships between organ systems illustrate the ends to which the organism as a whole will go in order to preserve the vital equilibrium; furthermore they indicate, in some measure, the inherent difficulties in outlining effective therapy."

An observation on the above data: In "An Introduction to Protomorphology" by Royal Lee, it is stated that it is the mineral component of the protein which produces the reaction in allergic states· and that a protein which has lost its mineral component (as Bayles outlines above) is denatured. Further that these mineral components as combined proteins (enzymes known as protomorphogens and Natural Tissue Antibodies) are active principles regulating the processes of growth and repair and the important principle of the allergic reaction as it pertains to these processes. (A discussion in greater detail is given in the above mentioned booklet).

The influence of spleen on calcium metabolism may be but one manifestation of these principles, which could theoretically be extended to include all the colloidal trace minerals active as combined minerals in the various enzyme systems. Investigation along these lines may reveal a much wider application of spleen therapy than has been suggested here.

Factors, Symptoms and Signs related to Insufficient Spleen Health Clinical Considerations Prominent Clinical Signs and Symptoms Symptoms Characteristics:
Involvements of R.E. (Reticuloendothelial) system are most common findings (lymphatic system, blood integrity)

Fluid balance (edema) and allergic reactions Are also indicative
1.Allergic Reactions
(Hives, canker sores, cold blisters, etc.)
Possible Etiological Background:
Control of mineral metabolism disturbances in
allergic reactions is considered possible

2.Lymph Node Swelling
(Neck, breasts, groin, etc)
Possible Etiological Background:
Relation to lymphatic system is noted

(Transient variety, compensation type involving blood volume)
Possible Etiological Background:
Regulatory effect on blood volume

4.Blood Dyscrasias
(Anemia, polycythemia, lymphocytosis, leukopenia, etc.)
Possible Etiological Background:
Believed to be a factor in control of hemoglobin and R.B.C's

(Hyperirritability most common finding)
Possible Etiological Background:
Possible relation to colloidal state
in mineral metabolism

6.Lowered Resistance
(Susceptibility to infections, boils, etc.)
Possible Etiological Background:
Possible relation to activity of leukocytes

Laboratory Tests Need Shown by:
Blood Count (Differential) Deviations from normal findings

Clinical Tests: Reveals:
a. Palpation Lymph node swelling, spleen enlargement
b. examination Hydration or dehydration

Clinically Associated Conditions
Gastro-intestinal-Urinary Liver and Gallbladder
Liver Disease
Nervous and Psychogenic Functiona
l Colitis, Ulcerative
Migraine Headaches

Metabolic Disorders Blood
Anemia, Pernicious

Histamine Reactions

Exogenic Disorders
Febrile Diseases
Lymph Node Infections


Skin Conditions

Dosage/Directions for use:
As a dietary supplement one-three tablets to be taken three times daily with each meal as directed.

Note: All cell extracts should be taken as follows:
First week: 1 per day taken with the largest meal
Second week: 2 per day taken one after lunch and one after dinner
Third week: 3 per day taken one after each meal.

*In all cases of providing cell extracts for nutritional factors, long term therapy should be stressed rather than acceleration of dosage

For maximum effectiveness cell extracts should be taken with 3-24+ Springreen greens tablets. This supplies an excellent array of all needed organic minerals in the ideal natural form.

Each tablet supplies: 200 mg. Spleen Extract--- of bovine source, calcium stearate and cellulose as tableting agents.

Difficult to evaluate by symptoms of patient

Side Effects:
None Known

B12 and Liver
Activity Contributed:

Whole Organic Beet Tablets
Activity Contributed:
Iron and Minerals

Thymus Cell Extract and/or Liquetrophic
Activity Contributed:
Aids in phagocytosis

Natural Vitamin A Complex (Cod Liver oil best source)
Activity Contributed:
Epithelial, Connective and Mucous Membrane Tissue Factors

Natural Vitamin C Complex with P
Activity Contributed:
Epithelial, Connective and Mucous Membrane Tissue Factors

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