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Lung Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets
Lung Cell Nucleus Extract - 100 tablets
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Lung Cell
Nucleus Extract

Science tell us it is the cell nucleus that contains the first organizer of the protein structural form generated in normal cell growth and repair. The first organizer form generated is that fraction of the chromosome of the cell which catalyzes the synthesis of new cell protein in growth and repair. (Reference: Protomorphology by Hanson and Lee)

Lung Cell Nucleus Extract is a mineral product of the Lung Gland Cell Nucleus. It is a tissue extract intended to supply the specific determinant factors of the above mentioned organ and to aid in improving t he local nutritional environment for that organ.

Lung Anatomy and Physiology
Of course, the Lungs are among the key structures of our Respiration System, the purpose being continual oxygenation of all the cells, tissues, glands and organs of the body; elimination of carbon dioxide; regulation of acid-base balance of the body.

Structures of the Respiratory system:
Lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchial tubes, alveoli

General Considerations:
Two important functions of the lungs are:
1. Maintenance of the acid-base balance
2. Maintenance of the water balance (insensible perspiration),
Showing that the lungs are important eliminative organs for water and waste acids (carbonic acid).

The lungs eliminate about 350 cc. daily as compared with 600 cc. via the urine. As such the lungs need to be considered in many phases of body activity other than those which may arise from the consideration of pulmonary considerations alone, edema, for example.

To illustrate, let us consider a congestive heart failure case with pulmonary edema. The rationale, of course, would be to direct the therapy towards improvement in the heart itself and this is the correct procedure, since heart failure is the cause of the pulmonary situation.

However, neglect of treatment of the secondary stressed organ is not justified on the same basis since now a malicious cycle is in effect and the pulmonary embarrassment puts forth further stress on the heart and both must be treated. We have observed dramatic improvement in congestive heart failure cases (with pulmonary edema) where the two-fold therapeutic approach has been applied.

Clinically associated Conditions include:
Metabolic Disorders
Intermediate Processes:

Acid-base Disorders
Oxygen Metabolism

Chronic Coughs


Factors, Symptoms and Signs related to
Insufficient Lung Health

The obvious pulmonary symptoms are, of course, the primary consideration, (cigarette cough, bronchitis, sinusitis, all respiratory mucous irritations, even to lungs injured by inhaling hot gases) but this should be extended to include the lungs as a regulatory organ in acid-base balance disorders and as an eliminative organ. Superimposed burdens such as heart failure (edema) should not preclude lung tissue support.

Clinical Considerations
Prominent Clinical Signs and Symptoms

1. Respiratory Disorders (Such as bronchitis, asthma Chronic coughs, "chest colds", cigarette coughs)
2. Convalescent Stages (Of pneumonia, colds, flu Grippe, etc.)
3. Pulmonary involvements (Of Congestive Heart Failure, adrenal insufficiency, anoxia, etc)
4. Pulmonary Accidents (Such as industrial Hazards, fire, fumes, dust inhalation)
5. Acid-Base Unbalance (Respiratory Acidosis and alkalosis)

Possible Etiological Background of the above:
Like all cytotrophic extracts (cell extracts) Lung cell extract involves the protomorphological reaction. See more info in "Introduction to Protomorphology" by Royal Lee for details. The physiology of the lungs includes the exchange of gases influential in regulation of acid-base balance and as such is involved in a wide variety of disorders where the alkaline-acid balance is concerned. Also the superimposed burden upon the lungs brought about by adrenal insufficiency (pulmonary hypertension) is considered, and, in a similar vein, we must consider -the pulmonary edema of congestive heart failure- as indicative of specific lung support, even though the etiological background and basic cause is the heart.

Laboratory and Clinical Tests
Beyond x-rays as applicable in more severe lung conditions, None known (reliance upon case history and biochemical factors concerned constitutes the scope of diagnostic possibilities.

Dosage/Directions for use:
As a dietary supplement one-three tablets to be taken three times daily with each meal as directed.

Note: All tissue extracts should be taken as follows:
First week: 1 per day taken with the largest meal
Second week: 2 per day taken one after lunch and one after dinner
Third week: 3 per day taken one after each meal.

*In all cases of providing cell extracts for nutritional factors, long term therapy should be stressed rather than acceleration of dosage

For maximum effectiveness cell extracts should be taken with 3-24+ Springreen greens tablets. This supplies an excellent array of all needed organic Minerals n the ideal natural form.

Each tablet supplies: 200 mg. Lung Extract--- of bovine source, calcium stearate and cellulose as tableting agents.

Often spectacular in cases of chronic bronchitis, cigarette cough and some types of asthma. Two to three weeks should be allowed before concluding the effectiveness of providing the lung cell glandular tissue for nourishing physiological support. Side

Histamine reactions may occur in early stages of therapy, the patient often feeling like he is coming down with a cold. This is not serious and shows a specific need for these nutritional factors. Histamine is an end product of disposal of the antigen-antibody linkages that inhibit regeneration and healing of tissue. Sensitive patient should start on not more than one tablet per day. Bioyak should be considered for decreasing possible allergic reactions.

Adrenal Cell Extract or Liquetrophic
Activity Contributed:
Adrenal relation to respiratory disorders

Vitamin A Complex-Cod Liver Oil best source Activity Contributed:
Excellent for mucous membrane nourishment

Vitamin C Complex
Activity Contributed:
Compatible with the A complex

Calcium Lactate
Activity Contributed:
Ionizable calcium

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