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General Shipping Information
Warehouse shipment policy
Shipping preference may at times require substitution.

Shipping method and charges subject to change without notice

1. Every effort is made for packages to ship out within one business day,  from the time of order
2. The carrier method or rate selected, during the checkout process, may at times require substitution and/or upward  adjustment of shipping rate.
3. Customer authorization will be sought if shipping charges require an upward adjustment greater than 10% of the rate quoted on the customer order.
4. Customer special shipping requests must be sent prior to or at time of order and may delay warehouse processing
5. Special shipping requests or concerns may be sent directly to:
6. The warehouse attempts to honor special shipping requests, as best possible , however, no guarantee is made . Each special shipping request decision is determined, based on feasibility, on an order by order basis.
Winter shipment policy
  During the months of approximately late November through mid-March, several Galaxy Nutrients liquid products, in glass bottles, may not be shipped to northern areas during the freezing temperatures. This is due to the high-risk of liquid freezing, expansion and glass breakage.

Specifically, the five products that cannot be shipped are:

Springreen Montmorillonite Bentonite
Springreen Calphonite
Springreen Cod Liver Oil
Galaxy Nutrients Atomic Silicon with B Complex
Galaxy Nutrients Sea Electrolytes

If you reside in a freezing temperature zone, please be sure to order plenty of winter stock of these items, before the freezing winter arrives.

In the event that Galaxy Nutrients receives an order, during the winter months, from a freezing temperature zone, with any of the above five items:

1. The non-freezable portion of the order will be shipped immediately, as usual.
2. The freezable liquid portion of the order will be placed on hold and shipped at the earliest date possible, based on weather patterns for that zone. Additional shipping charges may be applied as required.
3. Standard Refund Policy applies to all orders, including "on hold" freezable orders, shipped at a later date after the winter freeze.

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