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Heal thyself like hippocrates did! Use hippocratic oath to naturally achieve your personal health highs

The Tree of Hippocrates

Heal thyself like hippocrates did! Use hippocratic oath to naturally achieve your personal health highs-
this is the famous cos hippocrates picture -make your hippocratic
modern oath today!

The Oldest Tree in Europe

Obtained by Dr. Betsy, during her travels through Greece, this is an artistically enhanced photographic image of the ACTUAL tree of Hippocrates, located on the island of Cos. This is where the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates taught his students. Together we are taking a time traveling trip back to the days of Hippocrates to find out the important secrets of ideal natural health as put forth by this legendary healer. Now, you too can say you have visited the Tree of Hippocrates!

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  • Win!Your views are important to us. Let Hippocrates know you came to visit him and you still care about the natural health and that the important health messages he instilled for mankind are still remembered. Sign in on our special Hippocrates Guest Book---and include your viewpoints on how we can all, best create a naturally healthy world for our children and all, where pain-free long life with abundant energy exists for all mankind...What must we create or correct in our current world and how? Each month the viewpoints will be reviewed by our Natural Health Judges and the winners will be announced in our Alive & Healthy eNewsletter . (You can sign up for your FREE subscription to Alive & Healthy on the Win! page ) Prizes vary, includingnutritional products, product coupons, health books, Galaxy Gift certificates and credit vouchers and more. Note/Optional: Some of you may wish to read some or all of the excerpts below and/or some of the articles on this web site, to stimulate your ideas on this subject, before expressing your viewpoints in Hippocrates Guest Sign in book.
  • Hippocrates"Disease is a natural phenomenon..."
  • On Regimen in Acute Diseases, by Hippocrates
  • From Hippocrates to Virchow-Reflections on Human Disease
  • Do you know World Health Key History? Visit this Historical Healing Timeline.

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