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Our Philosphy

Our Philosophy

What should we believe?

Some take no nutrient precautions and smoke, drink or eat excessively yet they apparently live "well" into the later years. Others try everything "under the sun" and still suffer to extraordinary degrees. Raw versus cooked foods, organic versus processed foods, natural versus synthetic foods and supplements? Some say our foods today are okay. Others say we are "starving at full tables". Just whom and what are we to believe?

Are we near the bottom?

Statistics issued by the U.S. Public Health Service verify the fact. Although in America life expectancy at birth is near the best of any civilized nation, at age 40 - life expectancy is near the bottom.

Who really knows?

Never in history has so much money been spent on the advertising of any merchandise with so little true knowledge of the product itself on the part of either the seller or the buyer as has been spent on "vitamins".

Is there a simple answer?

We recommend a simple three-way approach to health on the biochemical level. We believe that if you follow these three guidelines accurately, you will be assisted in returning back to nature, and derive health benefits. The first guideline is to keep the body clean on the inside. The second guideline is to eat more natural foods, with at least 50% eaten raw. The third is to replace deficiencies, if any, resulting from eating fractionalized, fragmented, dead "empty calorie" food, with natural raw food concentrates.

Our Aim - Nutritional Fulfillment

We are not interested in selling nutritional products unless we are able to provide that which truly contributes to our customer's true health needs. We do not claim super powers for our products. We do not diagnose or prescribe. Each Galaxy Nutrient has been very carefully analyzed, rated and then selected for our line, solely based on its exceptional quality of biological activity.

How Healthy Can You Be !

Now more than ever before, man battles for his survival in a synthetic chemicalized world. Is "the good life" possible anymore in this synthetic world? That depends entirely on the correctness of the solutions we choose. And, just "How Healthy Can You Be!" Wholesome, Natural, Organic Galaxy Nutrients lets us find out!



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